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Camel Tameran

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Camel Tameran
Date of birth485 AV (aged 38)
Place of birthAlvadas
TitleSupervisor of the Department of Non-Legal Illegalities
Unarmed Combat45

At first glance the Supervisor may seem childish and immature, and though this may be true on some levels Camel is still not one to be trifled with. Chosen for her unwavering beliefs and confidence, Camel makes a fit match for the rough, and rather intimidating Zaragosh Kortz. Her will never bends and cannot be shaken, and some say she has even stood up to the Department Head himself. Of course, this is not suggestable for any one else.


Next to the Department Head, Camel Tameran appears small. At a mere 5’4 her head does not even come to the man’s broad shoulders, and her slight frame makes her appear more like a child half her age. Despite this Camel holds her head high, a fierce expression locked on her face, and though she does not have the full figure of a woman, her attitude would say otherwise.

Some say it is for her need to stand out, but the Supervisor is known for her strange and outrageous hairstyles. She enjoys a rather punk look, spiked hair with colorful tips and outrageously designed clothes that includes lots of spikes and chains. When she walks down the halls of her department she clinks and rattles, and the sound of clanking chains has become a foreboding sound for many a criminal left within her care. Heavy boots adorn her feet on all but the most formal of occasions, and the clunk of each one on the floor is enough to silence even the most hardened of criminals. For if one hears the sound of clattering chains and thudding footsteps, punishment and death are soon to follow.

Though she does not carry any weapon, the Supervisor does not need any to strike fear in the hearts of her victums. Despite her height, Camel strikes a fearsome image with her hardened expressions and wild eyes. She is obviously not someone to be trifled with, and a wave of her hand has sent many to their doom. Her childish figure makes her very sensitive about her looks, but the light in her eyes leaves little to doubt her steel. She is intimidating, she is strong, she is the one person who could hope to stand next to Zaragos and not be quelled. Together, the two make a fearsome, and authoritative pair.


The Supervisor’s attitude reflects her appearance, and it too is rather extreme. Camel is rather sensitive about her looks, especially her figure, and she openly dislikes Nami Cloveris for her gorgeous frame. Rather childish at times, Camel will react with sudden violence if her less than buxomest frame is pointed out. She dislikes being thought of as a child, and thus she makes every attempt to appear more grown up. Sadly though, her attempts often leave her looking more like a child than ever.

Given all her airs, some would take this to mean that the Supervisor was unfit for her position, but these assumptions could not be more wrong. The woman posses an iron will and a firm grasp on the law, as well as its harsh punishments as well. From her lips fall the words that can send a man redemption, or death, and Camel does not hesitate to pass judgment on those she views as unfit for continued life. She and Zaragos work closely on all such cases, but it is often the Supervisors tongue that lashes out more sharply. To cross her could very well mean certain doom.

For all her attempts to appear more “grown up”, Camel cannot help but follow certain childish tendencies. The Supervisor has a weakness for sweats, a trait that she shares with a cretin little girl that follows close to Zaragosh, and the two of them can often be found swapping the latest sweet things they have discovered. If any would hope to gain her favor, they might consider bringing her a bag of treats for their initial meeting. To gain her good word is to also gain the attention of Zaragosh himself.

The Head of the Department of Non-Legal Illegalities is well aware of his Supervisors nature. It was for her traits, and flaws, that the man chose her, and it is her word that he respects the most within the department. She is fierce, strong and unswayable when it comes to the law. Begging and pleads for mercy do not work, and bribes shall only cause a harsher judgment. If Camel Tameron speaks, then Zaragos Kortz shall hear her opinion and take her words into careful consideration.