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Cameron Niktam

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Cameron Niktam
Date of birth458 AV (aged 65)
Place of birthNyka
TitleHigh Priest of the Heavy Coffers
Throwing Discs55

Cameron treats his hierarchy of monks more as business employees than fighters and priests, but he claims that it is the way Laat would want it. Devising creative rewards and punishments is one of his favorite pastimes, and he likes to strike deals instead of assign punishments. He prides himself on his knowledge of trivia as well, and loves to mention how it has helped him in various business and political encounters. It is with this vast collection of minutiae that he gives advice whenever he can, where it is or is not needed. Though his moods are as changeable as any man’s, he wears a suspicious smile at all times. It is difficult to discern what he truly means whenever he says, but most resort to taking him at face value.


Few are certain of Cameron’s past, or whether he was even born in the city. Though he appears to be a Nykan, he is said to have spent so much time at sea that he might as well be foreign; he claims that he was born on a fishing boat in the bay, and yet he has a few too many stories about sailing and ocean gods. Whatever his heritage, he set up easily as a merchant’s apprentice and learned the art of business from a young age. He claims to be the man who turned Roben’s Pawn Shop into the Flaxen District, and there are not many people who have the guts to dispute the fact.