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Captain Black

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Captain Black

Captain Black
Date of birth369 AV (aged 154)
Place of birthRiverfall
TitleCaptain of The Duality

His real name unknown, Captain Black has been around the Suvan for as long as anyone can remember. What he lacks in navigation and sailing he makes up in his ability to get exactly what he wants. Ruthless to the core and heartless to all he crosses the Akalak man has all but submitted to his darker soul. Around since men have first started to sail the open sea, it is said he is the last of his family’s line

What is known is the man hails from Riverfall and refuses to ever return. What happened is at large a mystery, but he is skilled enough with his Lakan to best anyone in one on one or even one on many combat. A proud warrior he rarely offers quarter, telling his opponents that beg for their life that they should die with honor and blade. It almost seems that when he captures an opponent’s ship that he is seeking his own death as, more times than not, he is the first to board and the last to leave, setting flame to the decks of seized vessels after he meticulously has sought out and slaughtered any still alive.

He has never turned his back on a challenge, even from a fellow captain, and will often pass on smaller prey for the larger catch. Few are the survivors that can talk of the brutality of Black and his crew on the open sea, and many who have witnessed it carry a haunted look in their eye that makes you wonder if their sanity is even still intact.

The Duality

  • Brigantine Class (100 T. Cargo 4 Light Mounts, 1 Heavy Mount)

A good-sized merchant vessel, and the most common variety used by pirates. This class of vessel is so commonly used by criminals, in fact, that the name of the class comes from the word “brigand”. Wealthy merchants also find use out of this class of vessel. Supports 4 light and one heavy mount. Crew: 120, Passengers: 50

  • 1x Great Bombard (1 Heavy Mount)

Similar to but larger than the light bombard, it fires a heavy stone ball with a modest charge of powder. Capable of doing immense damage to targets. Requires 8 people to operate and weighs 2,000lbs.

  • 4x Light Bombard (Light Mount)

An iron tube mounted on a ship, it is a relatively short and light piece designed to fire a round stone shot with small charges of powder. Capable of doing quite a bit of damage to a target. Requires 4 people to operate and weighs 500lbs.