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Card Hadra

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Card Hadra
RaceHuman (Nykan)
Date of birth479 AV (aged 44)
Place of birthNyka
TitleOwner of the Post in the Flaxen District

Though he remains outwardly amiable, Card is first and foremost a businessman. He knows every detail about his merchandise, and can recite faster than a customer can count out their coins. Despite the stark iron environment and rather messy working conditions, he maintains a level of professionalism in both poise and dress. He treats his product with utmost care, concerned with keeping them in peak condition for selling. Small in stature and easily overshadowed by his product, he still turns his chin up with an air of superiority. Having command over the lives of men has given him a bit of a God complex, but though he attempts to force fear and respect in order to control the slaves, he seldom gets either. Instead, he must resort to chains and shackles to get his way.