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Cecil Prenck

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Cecil Prenck
Date of birth487 AV (aged 36)
Place of birthNyka
TitleCook near Sacred Flame


Cecil is one of the many individuals who can be found laying out her wares on a blanket on Cook Street in the morning and smiling at passersby through late afternoon. Her merchandise is a talent more than a good; with a small fire and a bit of creativity, she makes candies and sweet cakes out of her family’s famous honey and whatever else a customer brings to her station. Because selling food is illegal in Nyka, it is the preparation that they pay for. Bring a few mizas and some fruit or sugar cane, and leave with a delicious treat. Cecil is generally kind, especially to children, but she has a competitive edge and is not afraid to share her knowledge or defend her family’s trade. Rumor has it that she has taken a liking to Luke Zenatt, and can be caught smiling at him through the window to his shop.


The Prenck family was hit hard by the Djed Storm. Their shop was obliterated, leaving their surviving members homeless and grieving. When the Zenatt family offered both financial and emotional support, the Prencks were happy to accept and become a part of the greater Cook Street family. Cecil lives with her mother, her brother, his wife, and their two children in a small home rented to them by the Zenatts. They work in the Outlands at the beehives that produce both wax for the Sacred Flame’s candles and honey for the candies that she sells.