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Charm Bracelet

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The bracelet can be as masculine or feminine looking. The appearance is always player choice. However, it is indestructible and cannot be removed once a player puts it on. Charms can be added to the bracelet as they are acquired or earned in thread. New charms can be created at any time.

  • Ghost Charm - This charm is a small triangle shaped charm that will glow with light in the presence of a ghost - a ghost that is manifesting or not manifesting.
  • Animal Charm - This charm allows you to appear as a friend or ally to any cat you come across big or small. If you have a good working relationship with a cat you are in close contact with day to day, you will be able to understand this cat's feelings in an empathic sort of way. If the cat is happy, sad, etc... you will know that immediately. You might not understand the cause of it, but you will know the feeling. This is not telepathy.
  • Brain-Shaped Charm - A small brain-shaped charm. This charm will allow your PC to immediately judge someone's sanity. You can determine if someone you are focused on or nearby is completely sane and just acting crazy or is completely batshit crazy and pretending to be normal. It can also give you a feeling or sense if someone is losing it but retains some sanity... so you'll understand the degree to which they are sane. It works on sentient creatures and judges them of sound mind. You can have this ability manifest however it makes sense to you in your roleplay. A sense of just knowing is fine if that's what you want it to convey.
  • X-Shaped Charm - A small X shaped charm. This charm, when fondled, brings memories into clarity as if you are reliving them at that very moment. The world you are in fades away replaced by the world of the time you were trying to remember. Events will play out exactly as your PC experienced them for the length of time you grasp the charm. When you release the charm, things will go back to normal though you will retain the memory relived vividly much like you just woke from a realistic dream where you remembered every aspect.
  • Snake Charm - A small snaked-shaped charm with jeweled green eyes. This charm allows you to sense the proximity of any serpent to you within 100 feet. This works with snakes and Dhani alike. It gives you a mental awareness of where that snake is and what sort of snake it might be.
  • Jeweled Skull Charm - A small gem-encrusted skull charm. This skull charm allows you to know if anyone in your immediate area (100 feet) is about to die or on the brink of death due to natural or unnatural circumstances. You get a sense of who they are and how they are going to die before it happens. This may give you time to alter the circumstance of their life and even prevent their death. Do not ride to war or a battle with this sort of item because you will know who around you will die and it might threaten your sanity depending upon your mental fortitude. Dice rolls to save sanity might be advised in cases of war, siege, etc.
  • An Open Circle Charm - Similar to the letter 0, this charm will give you a sense of someone's immediate need whom you touch. That need might be food (and what type), comfort, shelter, or just rest. It might give you a sense that someone needs someone to unburden their thoughts on. It might reveal to you that someone is lost and needs to find their way home. Your thread was about meeting needs and finding ways to do so while not having similar needs yourself. I thought it fitting.
  • Lightning bolt Charm - This charm looks almost like a lightning bolt but not quite. In reality, it is a jagged wound depicted in an erratic zig-zag danging from your chain. Once worn by you, this charm will give you the ability to sense wounds in people, understand their severity, and what caused them. This can be the obvious wound of bleeding broken flesh or the wound of a broken heart or damaged soul. It has the power to reveal wounds to you that are less obvious, like drug abuse or alcoholism. You may not know how to fix these wounds - any of them - but this charm will allow you to sense them and know the cause.
  • Social Cloaking Charm - This incredibly powerful charm grants the wearer the ability to instantly assimilate into any society or social group. One can crash parties and slip into gatherings and be unnoticeable and appear acceptable to the social group represented. It's shaped like a dove.
  • Four-Leaf Clover Charm – This small plant charm looks exactly like a four-leaf clover. Three times a season, it can be used to add a +20 on someone’s luck-type dice rolls.
  • Key Charm – This tiny little key will open any normally locked door. It does not open magically locked doors. It works by transforming itself, when grasped in one’s hand, into the perfect key that fits only that lock.
  • Doorway Charm – This small charm looks like a doorway. It is in fact an exit charm. If the wearer of the charm walks into a labyrinth such as a hedge maze, a cave system, or any other place without discernable directions, the doorway charm will be able to trace its own path back out of the maze or cave system by glowing at each ‘exit’. It cannot find NEW ways out. It can only retrace steps back to prevent people from getting fully lost.
  • Silver Lips – This charm allows you to know and speak one additional language fluently. This charm may be purchased multiple times, each time one additional language is added to the charm. The charm can hold up to ten languages.
  • Heart – This heart allows you to know what the ten most loved people, places, activities or things of one other person. It can be used once per day.
  • Honeybee – This detailed charm allows you to be immune to the stings and bites of insects.
  • Candle – This candle will glow bright enough to provide a torch-like glow while activated. To activate it, the user only needs to touch the candle charm and say the word ‘light’ or the word ‘snuff’.
  • Spiderweb – This small spiderweb charm allows the wearer to once a day cast a large incredibly strong web out from the bracelet. It can be used as a net to entangle things within its sticky mass. It is as strong as spidersilk and dissipates after 10 chimes.
  • Spiral – This spiral charm will purify water up to a gallon at a time if it is submerged into the water for a full chime.
  • Anchor – This charm is shaped like a ships anchor. When activated by using the word ‘anchor’ the anchor will allow the wearer to remain rooted in place no matter where they are. They can be on flat ground, on a wall, up a tree… and nothing will move them until they use the word ‘release’.
  • Weapon’s Locker – This charm bracelet comes in many shapes and sizes. If it is used for a sword, it will look like a sheathed sword. If it is used to house a bow, it will look like a bow case. A quiver of arrows would need its own Weapon’s Locker. The Weapon’s Locker charm will house one weapon at a time and assume the shape most appropriate to the weapon itself. The wearer need only to touch the charm to the weapon. To withdraw the weapon from the weapon’s locker, the wearer must touch the charm and think of the weapon. The Weapon’s Locker Charm can only hold one weapon, but a charm bracelet may hold multiple weapon’s locker charms. Each weapon’s locker charm must be purchased separately.
  • Snake Fang – This fang-shaped charm can be incredibly dangerous but also highly affective. When touched to a weapon or any other object such as a door knob or the inside of a goblet and saying the word ‘envenom’. The item becomes coated with snake toxin from an eyelash viper. The toxin will not harm the wearer of the charm, but will affect anyone or anything touched with or touching the item as if they were bitten by an eyelash viper. The user can remove the toxin from the item by retouching it a second time and using the word ‘purify’. If a weapon is treated, it will continue to envenomate anyone it comes into contact with before it is ‘purified’. Ie. The venom will not wear off over time.
  • Wine Bottle – This sleek-looking metal charm will fill any drinking vessel with a liquor of your choice once per day.
  • Claw – This charm resembles a claw from a large predator. Touching it once per day will allow the wearer to grow sharp animalistic claws on their hands in place of fingernails. The effect will last once the wearer no longer requires them and feels ‘safe’ again.
  • Shackle – This small shackle charm will act as a restraint on any creature that it is touched by and the word ‘restrain’ used. The world ‘free’ can be used with a second touch to free the creature restrained. The restrained individual will have magical glowing shackles appear on their arms wrists and ankles that cannot be broken easily.
  • Eagle’s Eye – This charm is shaped like an eagle’s head with emphasis on the carved fierce eye. Activating this charm once per day will allow the wearer of the charm to have vision as good as the eagle who inspired it. They can see incredible detail at great distances and this charm gives the wearer that same ability.
  • Boat – This small boat charm, when touched, will magically manifest a small canoe that will hold up to four people. Touching the boat charm again will cause the magical boat to disappear.
  • Bent-Armed Cross – This charm is a charm of refreshment. When you are extremely fatigued, you can activate this charm and your mental and physical energy levels will return to their normal well-rested state as if the wearer has never been fatigued. This charm can be used once per ten-day period.
  • Messenger Bag - This charm looks exactly like a tiny metal messenger bag. It can hold the contents of a standard leather messenger bag of 13" height x 18" width x 5" depth. All the wearer needs to do is touch items with the charm and the charm will store the items within the charm safe from all harm. Once the charm is ‘full’ to capacity, it will stop absorbing items it touches. All the wearer has to do to retrieve an item is to think of it and it will appear in their hand.
  • Worn Leaf – This charm looks like a wavey slightly rumpled tattered autumn leaf. However, it protects the wearer from sudden hard falls at high velocity. Instead of falling based on their weight and speed, the charm allows the wearer to fall as if they were a light gracefully shed autumnal leaf.
  • Triangle with An Eye Inside – This charm allows you, once per day, to see into or through solid matter for one chime. The vision has a radius of thirty feet. The vision can penetrate one foot of stone, one inch of common metal, or up to three feet of wood or dirt. One must be actively touching it to use it.
  • Philter Vial Rack – This metal rack charm looks like it holds up to twelve philters. Touching a philter stored in a vial with this charm will stow the philter vial on the rack and have it appear in miniature as part of the charm. Philters stored this way will not age and will stay as fresh as the day they were crafted. To withdraw a philter from the tiny philter vial rack, one only needs to think of it and it will appear in one’s hands. When full, the Philter Vial Rack will stop absorbing philter vials when touched.
  • Starburst Bead – This clear bead charm has a beautiful starbrust pattern inside it. This charm allows the user to grasp it which allows the bead to slide off. When tossed, the bead will produce a flash bang affect that will blind everyone within its hearing/sight radius for two chimes. The starburst bead will regenerate itself on the charm once per day.
  • Scutum Shield – When activated by a thought, a nice large Scutum shield will manifest in the user’s bracelet hand/arm, locked in place and ready to use. It can be deployed and retracted at a thought.
  • Screaming Face Half-Melted - This small charm, when worn, immediately alerts the wearer if something such as a person, place, or thing is an Insid or having been to or originating from the Insidious Realm. Owning this item allows the PC to understand what the Insidious Realm is and what it contains. This understanding happens through dreams, having someone tell the pc, etc. The choice is yours. This understanding grants the wearer a + 25 to resist any sort of influence an Insid Creature or Item might apply to someone such as hypnotism or seduction. Many many cursed items have come from the Insidious Realm so your PC is more apt to not fall prey to these items and their sometimes all but sentient influence.
  • A Cluster Of Stars - This incredibly powerful charm grants the wearer the ability to instantly assimilate into any society or social group. One can crash parties and slip into gatherings and be unnoticeable and appear acceptable to the social group represented. It is often referred to as a Charm of Social Cloaking.