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Chef Davoid

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Chef Davoid

Head Chef
Date of birth475 AV (aged 48)
Place of birthWind Reach
TitleHead Chef or Avora
Food Preservation35

Chef Davoid has been given two ranks of Gnosis by Oriana so that she can heighten her sense of smell and provide wonderful dishes. Though Davoid has never raised her voice to anyone, she is also not someone to grant a favor. As Head Chef of Communal Kitchens, Davoid is force to be strict and harsh. She grants no extra portions without a great deal of work; knowing if she hands out extra portions today, people starve tomorrow.


Chef Davoid grew from a child to an apprentice chef. She enjoyed cooking and often thought about who she would marry. As the years went on the previous Head Chef helped the young Davoid prepare her to become Head Chef. One day Davoid went to the Dreaming Lady, afraid of losing her true path to a young Endal suitor, she began to dream and saw a pathway through the Inner warrens to a mountain stream. Davoid went along the pathway to end up out into a mountain stream where a dead mother bear and her crying cub laid. Davoid so overcome by the cries took the bear into her care, and was given her first mark by Oriana. When the Head Chef could no longer perform her duties Chef Davoid stepped in and took over. Over the course of the year’s Davoid now lives in one of the upper chambers where she and her full grown bear sleep. The window leads back out to the mountain stream, and it is rumored that her cub has found a mate.


Chef Davoid has a stern visage, but can be approached for errands and other tasks that the kitchen requires. Her hand writing is on all the grey slates, in the communal kitchens and several orders to glassworkers and metalsmiths. She can be found early in the morning to late at night working in the kitchens, directing the countless kitchen staff needed to make sure Wind Reach has food. As a person of power, she is the ultimate authority on who eats and who goes hungry, so people go out of their way to be nice to her. Several of her chefs are also known to be some of the best knifemen in Wind Reach and guard the food stores with a zealous demeanor. She has personally punished several thieves and has no remorse for them.