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Date of birth450 AV (aged 73)
Place of birthEyktol
TitleThe Hierophant
Various othersVarious
Gnosis marks

The Hierophant at Mura's house of cards.


Wizened, copper colored skin, framed by a thick, wavy mane of fading jet colored hair. Tied back in either a half ponytail, or a stout braid at all times, interwoven with a variety of feathers, and the occasional bead. Eyes dark as coals; the shadows that line buildings whenever the sun is out. Traced by various colored paints, for he is not one to discriminate, or point to this tribe of the past. Long legs, five feet in height, 150 pounds; despite his far fuller body, he seems to blend in with the locals well enough, when faced with a crowd.


A rather secretive and quiet man, Chikiti has been known to keep most things to himself. With knowledge as vast as his, many who have truly come to know him suppose that he chooses to lock his stores away so that knowledge, which he views as the ultimate source of power, does not fall into the wrong hands. A very patient man, however, he will take the time to teach those whom he knows want to learn, and whoever he wants to educate. He takes great pride in teaching, although his wisdom is becoming an increasingly rare commodity as his age continues to go on. Perhaps, before he passes, he shall perform a final ritual, one that he has grown fond of, to pass his expertise onto the living, so that his traditions and methodical way of life can continue on.