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Claudette Iceglaze

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Claudette Iceglaze

Ice Princess
Date of birth487 AV (aged 36)
Place of birthAvanthal
Icereaving2 Marks

Claudette can be found in the tiny, waterside village of Thunder Bay. The Bay is part of Wind Reach, the city of Redheads, making this brunette beauty stick out like a sore thumb. Though only still a young woman, Claudette is in charge of maintaining the Inartans access to fishing once the Bay has frozen over during the winter, making it safer and easier for the Endal and Avora to gather food for their city.

Her Reimancy is of Water, Air and Earth.


Having grown up in Avanthal, Claudette found her calling when it came to helping build, repare and sculpt the ice that her city was made out of. Even at a young age, the girl far surpassed the skills of the elder Iceglaze, impressing everyone with her hard work, dedication and beautiful craftsmanship.

Claudette came to Wind Reach only a few seasons before Ivak was freed, fresh from Avanthal and ready to see the world. She had no idea she would find her calling in a secluded city full of fiery redheads and birds. With perminant residence in the very center of Thunder Bay, Claudette is an intagral part of the city. Though she is helpful throughout the year, she really shines throughout the Winter. With her unmatched abilities with water and ice, Claudette is able to sculpt and manipulate water and ice, making it easier for the Inartans to fish throughout the winter.


Determined and energetic, Claudette is a fun person to be around, fitting in with the Inartan's fiery personalities perfectly. She is quick to smile and laugh, leaving her doors open to whomever may visit at any time of the night or day. Claudette just as willing to extend her hand in help and is not afraid to ask for help in return. When dealing with business matters, she is clear and precise, preferring to get the matter settled and over with as quickly as possible. She takes the subject of ice and water very seriously and has been known to lecture those who underestimate the dangers of both.