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The Consortia exists in Mizahar solely for the purpose of supporting our players in their in-game endeavors. Found under Roleplay --> Resources --> The Consortia, this subforum contains three other subforums that form support forums for all sorts of In Character groups such as organizations, businesses, and families formed by players for players. The Consortia has no moderators other than what moderators the individual forum owners (say the head of a family or business or club) decide are needed. While all Consortia pages are OOC, many may contain threads of IC information.


How is the Consortia Organized?

The Consortia is broken into three groups. All organizations must fall into one of these three 'types' to fit into the Consortia Forum.

  1. In Character Groups and Organizations - These are things like mercenary clubs, bounty hunter groups, and even a such things like Circus'.
  2. City Shops & Businesses - These are actual business locations you can visit that often have multifunction or rich roleplay. A great deal of business info is kept in these forums.
  3. Families & Houses - These are simply gathering places for members of all one house or family so they can plot and plan, keep genealogies, and record history.

How does one qualify to get a Consortia Forum?

To qualify for a subforum in the Consortia takes three simple things. Validity of these three things are determined by the Founders.

  • A good idea that's original and makes sense in the Mizahar World.
  • At least five active members.
  • An agreement to maintain this forum and be able to keep it updated and accurate.

How does one get a Consortia Forum set up?

All one has to do is write us up a little blurb including the NAME and small description that would be found under the name on the Consortia Masterlist. This writeup can be extremely simple, but needs to clearly define what the organization, business, or family is... who the members are, and who is going to be 'moderator' of this forum. Once that's established, post this 'writeup' in the Help Desk and a Founder will approve it and set up the Consortia page for you giving mod abilities to the person taking responsibility for the forum.

What is in a Consortia Forum?

Content depends on the type of In Character Group being used. Clubs or Organizations may have membership rules and a list of who's in the club. They might list a motto or keep track of member goals. Expense ledgers are always a good idea. Businesses might have an employee list or maybe a thread to detail what jobs are available at the business and how much they pay. They might just have a list of goods and services for sale or keep track of stock or projects. Families will certainly have a genealogy chart of some sort along with bio's of the family members and any available spots that might want to be played. The number and types of threads in a Consortia subforum vary and are very unlimiting in nature. Forum leaders can always determine content so long as no rp takes place within the Consortia.