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Constellation Template

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Here, one should tell what region the constellation is located in, what the constellation is used for, how well known the constellation is (little/slightly/well), how easy it is to recognize (easy/medium/hard), where it is most easily recognized from (region/city), and when this constellation is visible (season).



The description of the constellation goes here. Make sure to mention how many stars it is made up of, how big it is, etc.

Creation Story (Focus on mythology and region)

One should focus on which god/goddess this star is connected to, or which one(s) the citizens may believe it to be. Example: Having an extremely bright star during the night could be linked to Syna.

Any other important information

Things such as fables, etc., go here. Example: This star is used to wish for love upon or can be used by sailors for travel.

In Other Regions, This Constellation is Known As...

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