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Cornelius Flint

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Cornelius Flint
Date of birth474 AV (aged 49)
Place of birthSunberth
TitleHead of the Department of Illusions
Escape Artist68
Gnosis marks

Strange, handsome and mysterious, Cornelius Flint is a man like no other. His strange behavior and odd habits have made him recognizable where his features have not, and while he knows this, his simple fascination with his fingernails seems to be his single identifying feature. This soft spoken, and powerful man is someone who seems more at home heading a crime organization than behind an official desk, but Cornelius' prowess within the department has shown itself time and time again. That is, if there even is a Department of Illusions at all.


The mysterious head of the Department of Illusions goes by many faces, never wearing the exact same features to any one person, however he does follow a certain pattern. No matter what the face, Flint always keeps the age between mid 20’s to late 30’s, never falling into youthful softness or the ravages of old age, and his eyes are always the same, startling violet that seems to see right through to the soul. His wardrobe reflects his high regard for himself and his station, and as such he is most often seen in fine clothing befitting a man of great wealth (though it is not certain where his money comes from).

The man is clean and always well shaven, his hair neat and combed in the same style, though the actual hair color may vary. His nails are always trimmed and shine as if they have been polished, and his teeth are white and almost annoyingly perfect. When Flint smile’s, however rare, it looks more like a smirk, full of a cocky superiority that he knows he can back.


Little is really known about the mysterious Head of the Department of Illusion. Not many have actually seen the man, as he rarely ventures outside of his office, often leaving the human interactions to his supervisor. However, if one does actually come face to face with the man behind the Illusions, they would instantly be struck by his overwhelming sense of confidence. Then man has power, and he is well aware of it. This confidence does not spread beyond his demeanor however. When he talks his eyes seem to peer into a person’s very soul, uncovering every lie, every fault and every false hood the person may have committed.

When he speaks his words are soft, forcing those listening to lean close to catch every word. His voice has an almost hypnotic quality and is deep and resonates from his chest. The Head of the Department of Illusions is a master of manipulations, both of people and reality itself. Those who encounter him personally should be on their guard.

Flint also has an odd compulsion that leads him to pay extra attention to the upkeep of his nails, often spending several hours tending to them, trimming and polishing them to a perfect shine. Needless to say, he does not care for shaking hands.