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Corti Keeble

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Corti Keeble
Date of birth499 AV (aged 24)
Place of birthAlvadas
TitleSupervisor of the Department of Un-Qualitative Expansions of the Mind

Corti Keeble, though young, detests being called a kid. His small stature and young age often cause people to wonder at his sudden leap into power, but the boy himself cares little for the thoughts of adults. Quick witted and intelligent, Corti is always the first to make a quick retort or a sharp comment if his age is brought into the picture. Perhaps the only person who can get away with calling the department Head "Grandpa", Corti is also one of the most well organized and neat children one may ever meet.


To any who might see him outside the department Keeble would appear like any normal child. He stands at just over 5 feet tall, and his blond hair is cut close to his head. His eyes are wide and curious, and his lopsided smile would make even the grumpiest grandma want to pinch his cheeks.

Like most children, Keeble cares very little for his looks, but at the encouragement of his older sister he does wear clean clothes every day. His sense of style is all but nonexistent, content to simply wear, and I quote “anything that will keep his bare bum from freezing.” He does shy away from anything that he would consider too girly, and so bright pinks and yellows will never bee seen on this boy’s shoulders.

His frame is thin without a hint of fat, but it is clear that he is beginning to his one of his growing spurts. Keeble is just beginning to show a slight tone to his muscles, and his voice has begun to change a well, much to the boy’s embarrassment when it occurs during a meeting. In order to make those under him see him as more adult like, Keeble often walks with a confident stride of a man twice his height, and he may become irritated when people talk down to him (despite the obvious difficulty otherwise).


Like most his age, Keeble feels that he has much to prove of himself, and this, of course, is understandable given his situation. A mere child thrown into the world of adults, the Supervisor of the Research Department is well know for his maturity despite his age. His manners are better than some adults, and his quick wit and understanding of situations has often come as a surprise to those around him. He is neat and organized and almost meticulous about how his office, and by result his subordinates, are arranged, and his sharp tongue has put more than one man in his place, despite the age difference.

With is way with words, his organization skills, and obvious genius, some would like to say that the true Head of the Department Un-Qualitative Expansion of the Mind is in fact its supervisor. It is true that the boy handles most of the official duties, including filing out the paper work and seeing that the Head does not kill himself with his experiments. The young man has taken a lot on his shoulders, and the entire department has come to respect him for it.

Despite having earned the respect of those under him, the child can still be a bit unnerving for some. He has an uncanny ability to know nearly everything that someone is thinking before they have even completed the thought, and Keeble’s vast knowledge can be a bit uncanny at times. With a photographic memory that can have him memorizing books after a single flip through, the young upstart is said to be destined for greatness, and in fact some may have come to fear what this boy will be capable of in the future…

The Supervisor has an obvious respect for the department Head, but an open suspicion for the man’s familiar. It is common knowledge that the two do not see eye to eye, and as time goes on Keeble feels more and more that the Familiar’s intentions are not for the good of his employer. As such, Keeble sees to it that any orders passed down from the Head are first brought to him, and he avoids sending any one to see the Department Head alone, for fear the Kirt’s silver tongue may wind its way into the minds of another victim.