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Crewe McCalley

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Basic Information

Age: 65

Race: Human

Occupation: None



Crewe McCalley, or Old Man Crewe as he is known is a drunk living in the Warehouse district. His tankard is always full and his pockets are always empty. He is crude, ill tempered when sober and a gambler of the many games played at The Spinning Coin. He has no direct family that know him and has married several times without any children.


Born into a siblinghood of three, with his brother and sister after his mother's death at childbirth, Crewe never had any parents and was raised by dockers. Crewe grew up in the Warehouse District, and worked as a young boy with his brother as an unloader at the Syliran Docks. Once they had grown to being adults, the three set up general store with which they made enough money to buy a small house. His sister married and moved in with a mate in the Bittern district and gave birth to three. Crewe and his brother continued working the general store until Crewe fell to drink and his brother disowned him, moving to an apartment. Crewe made no effort to gain his job back and slowly drained his wealth at The Spinning Coin whilst his brother maintained the shop and supported his brother to his pleas. Several years later his sister died during the djed storms and his brother commited suicide not long after. Crewe sold the general store and never worked a stable job again.


Drinking 37
Brawling 2
Philosophy 5
Intimidation 5