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Crystalline Spheres

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The Advisor's Sphere

Magical items were common in Pre-Valterrian Mizahar. A favorite choice among crafters were crystalline spheres. These spheres, however, rarely survived The Valterrian due to their fragile nature. If dropped they can be broken. Each ball should be carried in a padded velvet bag and cleaned periodically. Exposure to heat, rough treatment, extreme weather, and caustic liquid can damage them. Roughly the size of large grapefruit, these perfectly round crystalline balls each have a slight tint to them. Each tint means a different attribute, probably due to the type of crystal they were constructed from. Made by Master Jewelcrafters before being embedded by their attributes, these items are perfect spheres and not always clear. Like the natural stone they were made from, several have inclusions that won't block the use of the item but will add character and individual identity to each of them.

The Spy's Sphere - This Amber-Tinted Crystalline Sphere will allow someone who is holding it to look into its depths and view for five chimes a target no matter what the distance is so long as the owner knows the target by having met them in person before. They will see the target as if viewing the scene like they are a bystander to the target and their activity. This item can be used once per day simply by thinking of the person in question and looking through the sphere. The person in question must be on Mizahar in the actual mortal plane.

The Defender's Sphere - This Green-Tinted Crystalline Sphere will create a glowing-edged solid impenetrable defensive weapon that looks exactly like a normal kite shield that is absolutely see through and indestructible. It cannot be ripped from the owner and can be activated as many times per day as the owner wishes, and can be dismissed just as easily. Activation simply requires a tap and the will for the sphere to activate. The same is true with the dismissal. This sphere is a bit smaller than the other spheres, being closer to the diameter of an average apple than that of a large grapefruit so that the bearer can hold it comfortably in their hands.

The Interpreter's Sphere - This Red-Tinted Crystalline Sphere will translate any writing or etching into 'readable' script the owner knows when gazed through to view the writing or etching. This will work on runes, engravings on ancient temples, almost anything. This item has no time limit or use limit per day. There is no activation mechanism. Simply looking through the sphere causes it to work.

The Traveler's Sphere - This Brown-Tinted Crystalline Sphere crafts a lovely thirty foot purely defensive sphere that will keep any living thing from passing through its diameters while it is active. Its is visible to the naked eye when activated as a slight distortion in the air though one can see through its form when it is function. This sphere will activate once per day for a duration of ten bells. It's design, obviously, was to provide a safe encampment for those on the move.

The Advisor's Sphere - This Blue-Tinted Crystalline Sphere when held up and tapped will manifest a random person once per day that will offer the owner advice on their current situation or worries. This manifestation might be someone dead, alive, mortal or immortal. The Advisor will not respond to questions or specifics, but will instead offer their commentary unprompted and then vanish. It has never been known if this manifestation is the real individual or a likeness. Since the manifestation only occurs quickly - rarely longer than a chime or two - such determinations are near impossible to make.

The Historian's Sphere - This Purple-Tinted Crystalline Sphere when held will allow the owner to view the origin of any item they observe the sphere with. Images will cross the owners vision as in a montage of the creation/crafting of the item, including who made it and with glimpses of where it was made. If the viewer doesn't recognize the area or it is in say a generic workshop, the exact location or time period might not be known, but there will be clues to where and when by types of tools, decor, clothing of the crafter, etc. This can be used once per day and takes as long as it takes depending on the item examined. The duration might be ten ticks or two bells.

The Plotter's Sphere - This Orange-Tinted Crystalline Sphere when placed on the floor at the owners feet and activated by tapping it gently will create a ten foot sphere that will trap all sound within it. It will render those within the radius of the sphere invisible to those outside of the sphere. This will work once per day for the period of one bell. It may be deactivated at any time with an identical tap that activated it. Folks within the sphere must stand close as anything - a hat, an elbow - outside of the 10 foot circular radius will be visible and noticeable to someone outside the Plotter's Sphere.

The Questioner's Sphere - This solid black sphere is the only exception to the transparency of the other spheres in this collection. There is no limit on its use per day. To activate, simply ask a question and shake the sphere. When activated, this sphere will manifest the answer in its depths in the form of glowing letters in a language the owner can read. Please roll a 1d20 for a random answer. The possible answers are...

Odds Aren’t Good Odds Are Good No Yes
This Will Pass You Cannot Know I Cannot Tell You’re Incredibly Sexy
No Doubt About It Absolutely Very Likely Act Now
Your Death Is Imminent The Stars Say Maybe The Gods Are Angry Try Back Later - The Magic Is At Rest
Everything Is Okay Without A Doubt Conditions Favorable Conditions Unfavorable