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Is there truly a lesser of evils?
RaceMixed Human
Place of birthUnknown
TitleLeader of the Limbus
Short Sword80

Cullorn is the leader of the Limbus in Hai. He is known for his solemnity and patience, and when the latter is exhausted, his thorough retribution.


Before Hai, there was nothing, or so he would have the Limbus believe. Cullorn doesn't speak about the past or what crime brought him to Hai. He arrived in 490 AV and gathered the scattered prisoners who still knew what it was to be human. There was no call or speech. The people simply saw his example and followed.

Under Cullorn, a refuge was established in the old baths of the city where prisoners could try to recreate the community they had profoundly betrayed in the world above.

Ahaz the leader of the Devourers considers Cullorn his great nemesis and bears a scar from where Cullorn almost took his eye.


There is rumor of a brother and possibly a Benshira wife, but neither has been substantiated.


Cullorn's action betray both a deep compassion for his fellow man and a cold adherence to their new justice. His life is one of service and patience, guided by a rare sense of honor. He is known to use few words, but is articulate when he speaks.

Once among the Limbus, every man and woman is given one chance should they defy the established order. After that initial chance, no matter how small the transgression, Cullorn personally kills them.