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Date of birth429 AV (aged 94)
Place of birthMura
TitleFirst secretary at Taviasa
Business Organization35
Gnosis marks

While she grew up with Miawen, Daizoli isn’t as extroverted and eccentric as her arch rival. She likes to think things over, is always calm and collected and prefers to keep her feelings and thoughts to herself. If provoked, she usually manages not to lose control. Miawen is the only person able to get her to the point where she bursts into an uncontrollable, very destructive rage.

Although she is rather tall for a Konti, her trademarks are the bangs of pale, straight hair which nearly cover her eyes when she is looking down. Her eyes are deep, dark sees of brown with green sparkles in the sunlight.

During childhood, she constantly struggled with her terrible temper, and while trying to find work that suited her, nobody approved of her serving customers. She has an opinion about everyone and everything, but had to control what she was saying and doing. After having a hard time finding an employer, Nai’ra eventually gave her a chance and taught her to control her temper. Since then she can only be annoyed by Miawen who mirrored her in becoming secretary at the Taviasa.