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Daluna Coolwater

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Daluna Coolwater

Seller of Hoofed Animals
Date of birth485 AV (aged 38)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleSeller of Elk, Horses, and other hoofed animals in Avanthal's Menagerie
Animal Husbandry40
Gnosis marks


Daluna is average height for a vantha woman standing at about 5'4. Her hair is a rich dark brown with streaks of Violet hidden in her locks. Daluna is a shy woman who seems to take special care with choosing her words. Although she is shy she is very friendly. She tends to get very close to her frequent customers. Daluna is slender and likes to wear clothing that shows off that fact. She is soft-spoken but if you mess with her animals she will not think twice about cussing you out.


Daluna was a shy child and would only open up when she was around animals, horses to be exact. Daluna was actually from the Coolwater Hold but she did not like to go out on the boats. When her family went out to fish she would sneak away to the stables and spend time with the horses. The manager of the stable, Lusina who was from the Frostfawn hold began to treat her like a daughter and let her help around the stables. As soon as Daluna got to know Lusina she began to wish that she was from the Frostfawn Hold instead of Coolwater. Lusina always made sure Daluna knew that her place in Coolwater was important and everyone was put into their hold for a reason. As time went on Daluna finally told her family about her secret of loving horses and spending time at the stables and to her surprise they accepted her for it. Daluna went on to open a store with the help of her mother and Lusina. As a gift for opening her shop her mother and Lusina got her an elk. Daluna loves the elk as if it was her own family. His name is Rufallo and is usually found outside her store. When she is not in her store she is usally riding him. Daluna and Reikanni are very good friends and often visit each others shops. Daluna is very shy but if you come to her shop often she will give you discounts. She is known around the menagerie as the mother of the menagerie even though she is only twenty-six. She is the only person Farren seems to be comfortable talking to about his personal life that he keeps hidden from the other shop keepers.