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Daratur Violet

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Daratur Violet
Date of birth464 AV (aged 59)
Place of birthKalinor
TitlePriest of Viratas
Gnosis marks

Daratur Violet is a priest of Viratas and presides the temple in Kalinor.


Daratur is the second son of his Web. Second children traditionally play a religious role, but Daratur has always been more devoted to his god than most. He already wanted to become a priest and serve his god when he was a small boy. Just out of school, he already worked as an acolyte in the temple. When he was twenty he married Nalessa of the Ivy Web. They respected each other, and their life was comfortable, but it had never been the overwhelming, all encompassing love for either of them.

Daratur remained loyal to her until her death in 508 AV even though there are rumours that he secretly loved another woman for most of his life. It was in the temple of Viratas - he was still an acolyte at the time - that he met Senesea. She was a colleague of his. She was one of those rare people that light up an entire room with their smile, that have such a presence that they turn every meeting into an unforgettable event.

Daratur and Senesea had the same goals. They both thought that Kalinor should be a little more open minded, that people should be allowed to chose their own fate, that there had to be another way besides sacrificing themselves or abducting woman after woman and fighting a fight that cannot be won. They were both dreamers, idealists. They wanted to challenge the very basis of their society – and failed.

The constant pressure from both her family that were Esterians and expected her to sacrifice herself for a child and the general population of Kalinor eventually made Senesea leave as she feared for her life in Kalinor. To this day, Daratur wonders if he could have done something different, if he could have protected her better. Senesea died an early death, a few years after her escape, somewhere in cold Avanthal.

Daratur has given up hope that there is another way for his race, a way out, and is merely helping the people of Kalinor with their daily needs now and trying to hold the city together a while longer. There are no more rebellions. He is simply there for his people now.

Daratur received his first mark from Viratas when he was eighteen and saved the life of a girl of mixed blood. A couple of other boys were torturing her and attempted to abuse her.

Appearance & Personality

Daratur is in his late fourties, but he looks younger than his real age. His hair is deep black and falls to his shoulders. There is not a hint of white or grey in it yet. His eyes are red, a fitting color for somebody who has decided to dedicate his entire life to the blood god. Daratur is not handsome in the traditional sense. His features are slightly assymetrical, slightly too harsh, he is a bit to tall, and his lips are too thin, but there is something about him. Daratur usually dresses in a red silk robe. On his right upper arm is red chain that shows that he has been marked three times by his god.

Daratur is a calm man, kind, gentle and hard to anger. Whereas certain followers of Viratas have become more radical in recent times, he is of the opinion that all races are equal, and that violence is not a solution. The priest of Viratas is a good listener and usually an optimistic man, despite the bleak future of the Symenestra race. There are few things that make him sad, such as the fate of his former colleague Senesea.