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Deepseeker Pod

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A large pod in the North Suvan, the Deepseekers are a pod of Svefra zealously loyal to Laviku and dedicated to hounding out all non-svefra pirates throughout the god's domain. Though they are dedicated to their task, the rarity of their quarry means that most of the time they are ferrying people across the oceans or escorting ships safely to their destinations. They have no real traditions or hereditary practices aside from pirate hunting, though celebrations are almost a daily occurrence to ease the boredom when alone at sea.

The pod's Lia, Crucina Deepseeker, is a devout leader and a respected woman. She keeps the pod focused on their goal and is patient towards all the children of the Sea Father. She's accepting of many practices and people that others may be less inclined to trust, being a patient and open-minded veteran, though she is very decisive and protective of the Svefra as a whole and especially her own pod.

Accepts PC members: Yes.


Pod Overview

A relatively young pod when held against some of the ancient families, the Deepseekers have nonetheless established themselves as a very prominent collective in the North Suvan in several ways, not least of which is their sheer size. One of the more extroverted of Laviku's children, they relentlessly hunt non-svefra who poach on the Sea Father's domain, exterminating foreign pirates whenever and wherever they find them. However, this is not out of any racial superiority, but rather a devout religious dogma they've built for themselves. They are still seen escorting merchant ships who pay for their protection (a good way to find non-svefra pirates) and ferrying people across the ocean, but their doctrinal purpose is to terminate the fake pirate roaches wherever they're found. It goes without saying that this anti-piracy does not extend to their kin.

They are a large pod, having gained popularity among the younger hotheaded generations for their hunts of both onshore animals and offshore infidels. The more people that joined, the more less violent professions were required to support them, and so they set about convincing many cooks and hunters and fishermen to join them as well, on top of a couple artisans to keep their basic goods supplied. The cycle continued, and soon the pod numbered one of the largest in Suvan, largely sulf-sustainable yet always trading with everyone they come across. People do leave on occasion to follow other pods, or more specifically certain people in those other pods, but most who come to the Deepseekers do so for a reason and stick around for the same.

Brief History

Formed by a svefra named Intera in 471 AV, the original Deepseeker pod is very unlike the one who some people are so familiar with. Intera broke off from her original pod and began her own because she wanted to increase contact with non-svefra peoples, and thus after being granted her pardisa by Laviku she led her small young pod along the coastlines of the Suvan, interacting with the land-bound races at every opportunity. However, during the late spring of 479, a series of happenstance events would lead to a drastic reworking of the pod's purpose and outlook, for during that time they happened to be in a hotly contested spot for non-svefra pirates in the south Suvan, near the edge of Svefra influence but still well within Laviku's domain. Approached by an Otani, the Sea Father's faithful servants, Lia Intera Deepseeker led her young but growing pod on a series of attacks and raids that cleansed that particular area of the non-svefra scum that once infested its waters. Since then, the Deepseekers have changed slightly in what their goal is as a family. They've retained their friendliness towards outsiders and eager interactions with them, but since they've adopted their fervor against non-svefra piracy they've become more practical and straightforward, focused to stamping out the poachers wherever they're found.

Traditions and Beliefs

Originally made to be a pod more open to outside interaction, this is one aspect of the group that has remained unchanged since its founding. Deepseekers are commonly naturally inquisitive and amicable, curious about the world away from the shores and water and welcoming of any foreigners who require aid or hospitality. They're happy to ferry travelers across the ocean and protect merchants from their kin, often doing so at every opportunity. Despite this friendliness, underlying it is a far more dedicated and vicious core that strives for the extinction of all non-svefra pirates, who always seem to crop up despite the strong hold of the Svefra on the inner sea. Killing these pirates is not just their goal though, it is their way of life, part of their religion. Laviku notifies them of any particularly nasty or important groups himself through his Otani, and the enthusiasm that the Deepseekers show for the skirmishes is nothing short of zealous. Most of the pod are like this: calm and friendly most of the time, but very devout to their god and dedicated to their cause.

As their job is to raid those who raid others, the Deepseekers often though not always come across pirates with supplies and resources recently plundered, often witnessing their targets squandering them as the svefra approach. In direct opposition to that, and also after used to being out on the vast sea for long periods of time, the pod is reluctant to waste anything that might be useful later. Torn canvas sails can be re-purposed as bandages, ripped lines can be used for knot practice, metal objects - no matter how low quality or old or rusted - can be sold to traders to be brought elsewhere and melted down to reuse. Everything has a use, and most often the Deepseekers try to find that use before tossing it.

Usual Location

The pod usually remains in the North Suvan, travelling from shore to shore across the interior of Mizahar and usually ferrying people across the ocean to opposite regions such as from Kalea to Sylira or Taldera to Cyphrus. On occasion however, they do make their way through the middle passage down into the southern sea to visit their distant cousins and meet the very different people that far south and just out of plain curiosity. When they do this and how often fluctuates, but when they do make the journey they usually set sail in the late of summer or early of fall so they can arrive when the temperate climates are coolest.


A list of the NPCs in the pod.

   - Lia Crucina