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Demyan Anice

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Demyan Anice
Date of birth491 AV (aged 32)
Place of birthKalinor
TitleMember of the Ochya
Symenestra Lash20

Demyan Anice is a guard at the Woven Gate and a member of the Ochya.


Demyan is a child of the Anice Web and the older brother of the former Moth Queen Selaria. His Web has never been in any way important in Kalinor, but with all the attention that Selaria has attracted and Demyan’s fast rise in the Ochya that might change. As far as Demyan is concerned, the Anice Web’s time has come.

Demyan usually guards the Woven Gate together with his colleague Alanys Aster and welcomes visitors to Kalinor (or not). Sometimes he also takes part in expeditions to the surface or into the underground. Like his little sister he seems to attract trouble. In 511 AV he was nearly eaten by the Dhani Rhysati who entered Kalinor in human form and pretended to be an ownerless surrogate.

Appearance and Personality

Like his sister Selaria Demyan is fairly average looking. He has grey skin and grey hair. His eyes are red, but not the common intense blood red. They are more of a dull kind of red. Demyan has some skill with his weapons, but he is not the bravest man in Kalinor. While his sister is quiet and charming, Demyan talks a lot – sometimes more than is good for him.

Being a member of the Ochya, he is usually seen wearing his exoskeleton armor.