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Date of birth182 AV (aged 341)
Place of birthThe Spires
TitleDaughter of Marn


Standing at the average for a female Jamoura, seven foot, Dersha weighs a little over four-hundred-and-fifty-pounds. Her shoulder width is three and a half foot. Grey hair covers Dersha's body, except for a light brown patch on the top of her head. She has the ability to easily change her fur to camouflage. Surprisingly, Dersha's eyes are a shade of green akin to the leaves in early spring. Dersha's front torso is bare and normally shows signs of a young child suckling.


Dersha is a very approachable Jamoura. She is warm, friendly and truthful. A true leader. However, she fears other cities not understanding the Jamoura race. Morals play a large part in Dersh's real life, but not her professional one. The lives of others come first, no matter what. When it comes to negotiating, she will do what is best for the people, no matter what. She has been known to be outrageous in demands. There is always a plan with solid reasoning behind any proposal. Others view her as fair and trustworthy. Those who meet Dersha believe they can speak with her freely, that she will understand, and that she will not judge them.


Dersha is Marn's daughter. At a tender age, she developed a passion for politics. All of the Memory meetings would be sat in on and she often found herself speaking out on issues others had casually mentioned. Upon reaching maturity, Dersha was married. Five children, as of 512 AV, came from the marriage. At only two-hundred-and-five years of age, Dersha took action. After gaining permission, she began to travel to close cities to the Spires. This was because she sought to better the life of everyone, nature and people alike. Negotiating better terms of life, of how to deal with crisis's, and educating others about the Jamoura race. She had helped the Spires form alliances with numerous cities.