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Disguise is the art of creating an outward semblance that misrepresents one's true nature. It involves not only the use of different types of clothing but also the implementation of cosmetics, wigs, masks and a variety of other materials. Those skilled in the art of disguise are sometimes involved in entertaining others through various theatrical pursuits although just as many, if not more, use disguise for more underhanded reasons. Thieves, con-men and spies all make heavy use of disguise in their routine lives. It is important to note that even though one may be able to disguise themselves to look like someone or something else, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are able to adequately impersonate another person unless they possess the impersonation skill as well; disguise is simply an appearance alteration skill.

Prerequisites and related skills

Impersonation, while not required to learn Disguise, does itself require Disguise. Together, the two skills allow one to effectively become someone entirely different.

Skill progression

Novice (1-25)
A Novice to the Art of Disguise is introduced to the basics of changing one's appearance. Novice's understand that if one's face and body features are hidden, chances are they won't be as easily identified. Thus the clever use of different clothing is a Novice's specialty. They often have a variety of different outfits in which to change into quickly if necessary. Various types of headwear are also essential to the Novice who makes great use of hats, helmets, scarfs and even simple masks. Simple skin coloring using mud, charcoal or other basic materials also make up the Novice's repertoire of resources. Thieves often make use of the Novice level of disguise as do beginning actors and entertainers. The Novice can effectively hide their physical features from others and at first glance even look like someone else but anyone looking beyond the casual glance can tell that something isn't right.
Competent (26-50)
Competency in the use of Disguise can prove useful to entertainers and criminals alike. For entertainers, being competent with Disguise allows them to better become the characters they are playing by looking more like them and thus becoming more believable. For a criminal or spy, being competent with Disguise can mean the difference between a successful score and a life in the dungeon or worse. It involves the skilled use of clothing to better alter one's appearance but also makes greater use of cosmetics, wigs, and a variety of different types of make-up. At this stage, competency allows one to change their appearance to effectively pass as someone of the opposite gender, look twice their real age or look two-thirds of their age. For example, a 20 year old human male with this level of disguise could make themselves look to be forty years old and/or look female. The disguise may stand-up to casual glances and even close scrutiny for short periods of time.
Expert (51-75)
Experts with Disguise are the envy of their lesser peers. The Expert uses clothing and cosmetics with ease and can take their disguise to the next level through the use of somewhat advanced prosthetics. Through elaborate constructs such as horns, fangs, claws, wooden or metal limbs and more complex costumes, the Expert can appear as an entirely different race. They can look to be fifty-heavier, a foot or two taller, three-times more or even half their age and look male or female. While extreme, some even go so far as to surgically alter their appearance although such things are usually crude and very painful while not always being totally affective. Experts can hold their disguise indefinitely. Only the greatest of entertainers or the most determined of criminals reach this level of Disguise although when they do, few would recognize it.
Master (76-100)
Master's of the Art of Disguise take things to an inconceivable level. Master's make use of prosthetics in a way that the false body parts almost become a part of the person. Horns and fur may be sewn into/onto flesh, permanent dyes used on hair and skin and sometimes even intentional scarring is used to alter the body's appearance. Master's often have countless materials on their person that they may use to change their appearance in but a moment. Often these materials are so well hidden that even a detailed search of the person will find nothing. Master's often carry a unique collection of self-made prosthetic noses, lips, ears and as well as immeasurable amounts of varied clothing. Master's with a more criminal mind have been known to scatter various disguise components throughout the regions in which they operate in order to make quick-changes whenever necessary. The Master can make themselves look like anyone and nearly anything and can hold the disguise indefinitely.