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Doddel Asperenus

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Doddel Asperenus
Date of birth445 AV (aged 78)
Place of birthAlvadas
TitleHead Scholar of Alvadas

Doddel Asperenus is a seasoned scholar of Ionu. He has spent the majority of his life trying to learn the mysteries of Alvaadas and the illusions that reside at its heart. A serious man both in his professional and personal lives, Doddel finds little humor in life. He is of average height and stocky build. His white hair is quickly receding further away from his forehead, even as his mustache grows in size. Master Asperenus is a hard man to talk to, as he does not tolerate any lack of knowledge in his companions.


Doddel Asperenus was born and raised in Alvadas and had taken an interest in the city’s infrastructure from an early age. As a child, he spent a great deal of time running around the city and trying to document the buildings’ movements. As a young man, his approach became more refined. He studied in the University of Zeltiva for four years, but returned to his home city to further pursue his scholarly career. His frequently visited the Temple Of Ionu and struck up a friendship with the temple’s head priest, Cadmus. He spoke with architects and magicians, mathematicians and illusionists. Every question he asked brought him a little closer to gaining an inkling of understanding of the Alvadas. After his mentor and fellow Alvadas scholar, Brett Berellius established the Scholarly Abode of Intellectual Pursuits, Doddle took to spending entire days in the house’s vast library. Once Berellius passed away, control of the Abode fell into Doddle’s eager hands..