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Dra-Nesyria Plicata

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Dra-Nesyria Plicata
Date of birth479 AV (aged 44)
Place of birthKalinor

Dra-Nesyria Plicata is a librarian who works at the Cribellum in Kalinor.


Dra-Nesyria was the product of a love affair between Denosia Plicata and a Vantha merchant. Her relationship with Denosia’s mate, Solanir, was tenuous at best, and at fifteen she left Kalinor with stars in her eyes for a better future. She found herself in Lhavit; being an exotic novelty, Dra-Nesyria caught the attention of Madame Belladonna and the Red Lantern, the town’s only brothel. There, she worked, made acquaintances, and repeat customers. One man took a particular liking to her, and managed to see her every night; there could be no doubt when she became swollen with child. Dra-Nesyria carried the infant to term and abandoned it without a second thought, returning to Kalinor and her Web as soon as she was healthy enough to travel. She now cares for Vesirio in her mother’s absence and maintains her usefulness as a librarian, sifting through and editing pages of information for the Cribellum.


Dra-Nesyria is sour-faced and snarky at the best of times. She is dutiful to her job and her family, but resents returning to the cavern town because she cannot rightfully leave.