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The Druva Family

The Druva Family is a subfaction of the First Wing Families within the Syliran Knights. They were founded by Ekeldor Druva of the Diamond Clan, the fourth member of the First Wing of the Dyre Brothers, and the first to be promoted to the position of Sergeant.



The men and women of the Druva family have kept the Glassbeak as their symbol, in recognition of the Drykas knight Ekeldor Druva, and his slaying of a Glassbeak that nearly killed Lawrence Dyres when he was recruiting in the Sea of Grass.


Ekeldor was a Drykas hunter and webber that happened upon Lawrence Dyres while the knight was beset by a vicious and large Glassbeak. One of Dyres’ companions had been slain by the beast, and the other two wounded. Lawrence managed to fend off the creature long enough for Ekeldor to pepper it with arrows, felling the bloodthirsty animal. Lawrence asked Ekeldor to join the Order, but the Drykas man was skeptical of the strange foreigners. He did agree to guide the knights around Cyprus, and over time he was swayed by their honorable ways, their determination and strength, and the bone-deep dedication that Lawrence Dyres had to creating a better civilization, and so he returned with them to Syliras.


The Druva family has little Drykas blood left in them, but they value their heritage very much. The Druva are much more likely to possess wilderness and hunting skills, and most of them join companies which travel outside of Syliras, finding it hard to be confined within the great stone Wall.

Ekeldor's influence also lives on in the sign language used by the Knights to signal each other. Based on the Drykas sign that Druva brought with him to Syliras, it has evolved into its own unique vocabulary. It's referred to as Ekeldi in his honor.

Current High-Ranking Members

Famous living Druva’s include the Stewart Knights Victor Druva, Mualla Druva, Eiro Druva, Eren Druva, Osraya Druva, and Kamvia Druva.