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Dummy NPC

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Dummy NPC

Nice pic!
Date of birth100 AV
Place of birthplace of birth
Date of death200 AV (aged 100)
Place of deathplace of death
Titlewho is this person?
Weird magic10

Dummy NPC is a cool person - one or two paragraphs to explain who s/he is. All parameters in the infobox are optional and can be omitted; they will not show up if you do not include them.

  • Delete image and image_caption if you don't want a pic. If you do, upload them from the menu.
  • There is one additional parameter, "domain", which is intended for gods (and will make the NPC go in that category if added).
  • If you include a "deathyear" parameter, the NPC goes in the deceased category.
  • You can also include "birthday" and "deathday" for specific days and months.
  • If you add a "pc" parameter with any value, nothing will change but this character will go into the PC category instead.
  • There is a "fullname" parameter if this guy's full name is longer than the wiki name.
  • You have up to 10 skills to add... it ends with skill10. Can be expanded on request.


Important NPCs might have one or more sections devoted to their life and role in Mizahar.

As usual, add any additional categories here with [[Category:Cool people]].