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Duvin Kakiv

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Duvin Kakiv

Youthmaster of Wind Reach
Date of birth470 AV (aged 53)
Place of birthWind Reach

Duvin Kakiv is the the single most influential individual in Wind Reach when it comes to the children. He oversees their care acting both as a head instructor and something of a social worker. Duvin prides himself on dealing with each an every child on a case by case basis and making sure none slip through the cracks. He is focused, but also plays some of the city politics because people want him to help their children obtain higher positions, and he knows it. Duvin is a leader and a rolemodel for the youth of the Inarta. He is often seen playing his guitar at festival with all the other musicians. And Duvin is always first in line to volunteer on projects or offer up his opinion on just about every subject imaginable. Unlike most of the other Masters, Duvin has full access to the Enclave and often haunts its hallowed halls.