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Elohna of the Guiding Lights
Date of birth475 AV (aged 48)
Place of birthTaloba
Recurve Bow40

Elohna of the Guiding Lights is the leader of one of the most successful fangs currently serving the army of Taloba, though successful only in the sense that she only takes up assignments that she knows her fang can accomplish with little difficulty or loss among their numbers. An excellent strategist and commander in the field, she has learned from one of the best tacticians in the city: Zola, the Crone of the Broken Spear, herself.


Elohna is a strict person who doesn't beat around the bush. If she gives her Fang a mission, they are expected to complete it without whining or complaining. She requires her Fang's members to have a great sense of duty and common sense. While she does not tolerate idle hands or skimming the mission's objectives, she does value input and advice from her subordinates. She is not above making sacrifices to complete a mission but she will never send her troops on a suicide mission without doing her utmost best to either find a tactical approach as to not lose more lives than necessary, or making sure there is no other option for the situation.

Elohna is rather asocial, quite tactless and very aggressive verbally and physically. She gives credit where credit is due but if one under her command did not do his or her job, she'll chastise said person in more ways than one.

Her fang's members have mixed feelings about Elohna. Generally, those who do their job and do it well have no problem with her, and those who don't are afraid and hateful towards her.