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Elyna Calycanth

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Elyna Calycanth
Date of birth454 AV (aged 69)
Place of birthKalinor

Elyna Calycanth is a weaver in Kalinor.


Elyna Calycanth comes from one of the smallest Webs in Kalinor. Her father never came back from a Harvest, her grandparents had died early, and she had no siblings. It was always just her mother and her. That was probably the reason why young Elyna decided to train as a hunter – she wanted to protect her mother and take care of her – rather than become a weaver, although she had won the weaving contest that is held every year during the Morning of the Moths in 470 AV.

Elyna was married once, to a man from the Acacia Web who was likewise an only child. They had a daughter together, but Elyna’s husband died nearly two decades ago, and her daughter has left Kalinor to try her luck on the surface. During all the time only a single letter reached Kalinor. Elyna’s daughter had fallen in love with a human and was about to give birth to a halfblood. As far as Elyna is concerned, she is the last member of the Calycanth Web now, and in a few short years, that Web will be gone.

Now that she is nearing sixty, Elyna has given up hunting and returned to her old passion – weaving. Hearing about how she won the contest as a girl, Alessa and Avarys Anthurium have offered the bitter, old woman a place at the Weft and Werp where she oversees the younger weavers and teaches them.

Appearance & Personality

Elyna Calycanth is a stern woman that is slow to forgive her students‘ mistakes. She is very direct and never beats about the bush. She has mastered irritated and disappointed looks, but she hardly ever praises the weavers working under her. The most they get from her is a little smile when they have done something exceptionally well. Certain events in her life have made her bitter. That doesn’t mean she’s a bad teacher though. On the contrary, the consesus among the weavers of the Weft and Warp is, that while her personality is slightly unpleasant, she knows her trade, and you can learn a lot from her. Elyna has pure white hair that falls down to the middle of her back and eyebrows that are so light that they are nearly invisible agains ther pale skin. Her eyes in contrast are a brilliant purple. She is in her late fifties, but due to the fact that she was a hunter when she was younger and exercised a lot, she is still in excellent shape. If she dressed a little differently and acted a little differently, she might be an attractive woman.