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To cleans and protect the world.
Granted byYahal
Positive marksPurity and Defense against Corruption.
Negative marksNone
Pos. mark appearanceA set of Feathered Wings. (image then reality)
Neg. mark appearanceAn ink stain or blemish over ones heart.
Mark locationBack (pos) Heart (neg)
First markEarned during acts of Faith.

Ennervism is the divine power manifested in the marked one's ability to cleanse, protect against and smite that which would devote itself to corruption and defilement.


The Mechanics

Yahal views his followers as his army of goodness. He expects them to spread his values throughout the land and protect the weak or downtrodden. He is devoted to his followers and watches over them even when they feel all is lost.

Yahal's positive Gnosis is earned for acts of faith, especially when they benefit another person. Frequently, these acts of faith do not result in what the follower intended, but this does not mean they did not please Yahal. Yahal is a god that thinks on the long term, knowing small actions can have huge impacts down the line. He is always looking to purify and strengthen his followers even by unpleasant means. However, Yahal is intensely faithful to his own and presides unseen over their daily lives. He promises to not let his followers fall into anything they cannot withstand if they look to him.

Cursed marks are bestowed on those who significantly harm one of Yahal's own, perform an act of extreme cowardice, or egregiously betray another's trust causing great harm. Those with corrupted minds and hearts, bent on wickedness may also be cursed by Yahal. Because he is a benevolent and merciful deity, these marks can be reversed should a cursed one pursue a purer path or perform an especially selfless act that merits forgiveness.

Depending on the subject, Yahal may or may not manifest to grant his Gnosis. Sometimes his invisibility is a demonstration of trust in the individual's faith or an attempt to strengthen it. When Yahal does not make himself visible, he sends cowled messengers, souls recruited to his service. He is always present during the gift of a mark, but may choose to escape notice.

The positive Gnosis usually activates when the believer comes face to face with corruption, corrupting effects or sources or those who have given themselves over to their more impure desires and beliefs.


Yahal's mark takes the form of an elaborate, stylized tattoo of a pair of wings located on the individual's back. The mark is highly symbolic in that it signifies the marked one's status as being able to rise above that which would otherwise corrupt or defile others. The first mark begins as a very simple pattern that vaguely resembles the start of a pair of wings. The second mark expands on the first and looks much more like a set of wings with a bit more detail in the patterning. Upon attaining the third mark, the patterns have expanded and the mark looks like a full set of stylized wings. The champion's entire back is covered by Yahal's mark with fully prismatic coloring and a texture that makes the mark look almost like real wings folded against one's back.

A negative gnosis appears over the cursed person's heart. It is a dark spot that spreads until the entire heart is covered in a malignant design that varies according to the recipient. The spot is difficult for others to look at as it makes them feel uncomfortable and physically unclean.

Mark Progression

Marked [Cursed] - 1 Gnosis Mark
Marked: The first mark of Yahal grants the marked with an enhanced aura, visible to anyone with Auristics, that shines with a brilliant gold radiance. This aura helps protect the marked from magic and other gnosis' that may corrupt or control in a way that would make the marked go against their beliefs and vows to Yahal. This includes defending against hypnotism, chaon, krivas and similar magics. Essentially, this aura prevents the marked from being forced to do anything that would cause harm to themselves or others unless it was something they had already chosen to do on their own. Those within the aura's radius, 10 feet, also benefit from the protection it provides. Those who are already affected by a gnosis or magic that would cause them to harm themselves or others will find these effects (of a strength equal to or less than this first gnosis mark) nullified while they are within the radius. Leaving the aura's radius however will cause the negative effects to return.

Cursed: Along with causing others who view the mark to feel dirty and unclean, the cursed individual finds little acceptance from others; they are viewed as being deceptive and traitorous.

Favored [Despised] - 2 Gnosis Marks
Favored: The favored of Yahal, already possessing protection based on their faith and purity of heart, are now able to translate their faith into an offensive force. Just as Yahal wields a golden spear to smite evil, those he favors are able to empower any weapon they are skilled with and wield it with the power of their faith. Those who wish to do the favored harm or harm those whom the favored protects, will find mundane or magical forms of armor useless against the favored. The weapon of the favored is surrounded by a golden light. When the weapon comes in contact with the armor of the before-mentioned foes, shields will split and armor will crack thus offering little to no protection from the power of faith the favored wields. In addition, the favored can cleanse and effectively nullify the effects of lesser powered chaon effects, hypnotism or fear imparted by the use of krivas (effects that are meant to force the individual to cause harm to themselves or others).

Despised: Those despised by Yahal are shunned by society. They are often driven out of a city for no real reason and are actively avoided by others at all cost.

Priest/Priestess [Adversary] - 3 Gnosis Marks
Priestess: Those who have gained priesthood in the eyes of Yahal are able to literally rise above the corruption and faithlessness that threatens so many. Their mark physically transforms into a pair of feathery, prismatic-colored wings that grant the ability to fly as if the priest were born to it. This can be done at will and lasts from the moment the priest enacts the gnosis until they either choose to deactivate it or until they go to sleep. Note that unless the priest removes whatever clothing they are wearing over their torso, the wings will form beneath the clothing thus restricting the ability to fly. The act of flying, in itself, does not tire the priest thus they can use their wings until they would otherwise get tired and fall asleep from other outside influences.

Adversary: Yahal does not choose to make an adversary as the isolation one feels from being Despised is usually enough to make them have second thoughts about their status in the eyes of the god.

Champion [Nemesis] - 4 Gnosis Marks
Champion: Yahal's champion is faithfulness and purity personified. He or she cannot be affected by chaon, krivas or hypnotism wielded by anyone other than a Master or Champion respectively (effects that would cause them to harm themselves or others). They are able to remove those affects from others with a single thought. Those wishing to physical harm Yahal's champion with magic or physical malice (those who are not masters or champions themselves) will find their attacks unable to cause any harm to the champion. The champion's faith is just too great for anyone beneath them to damage.

A Champion's lifestyle is also one of devotion to Yahal and an upright cause. They are faithful when others would abandon friends and pure of heart when others would bend under corruption. Fear and confusion are felt, but the forces can be overcome with their iron will.

Nemesis: Yahal does not maintain a Nemesis.

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