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Erwin Wright

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Erwin Wright

Chef Extraordinaire
Date of birth471 AV (aged 52)
Place of birthDenval
TitleOwner of The Coastal Clam
Chevas1 Mark

Chef Erwin runs the Coastal Clam, a seafood restaraunt in Thunder Bay. Erwin is a jolly man who enjoys a good laugh as much as he does making a good meal. Three seasons out of the year he can be found at his restaraunt cooking up wonders, though in the winter he retreats to Wind Reach with his wife Letsi where they rent a room in the Darniva Commonrooms.

Marks: Silver Chevas mark on left hand, matchest his wife's on the right hand


Chef Erwin was born in Denval in the year 471 AV. His parents were both chefs as well, and they taught him everything he knew about cooking. Erwin lost both his parents to the Djed Storm of 512, though he was not in Denval at the time. He left the place of his birth in the year 501 AV with the intent to travel the world learning recipes from all over. The first place he went was Wind Reach, where he met and fell in love with a wonderful Inartan woman named Letsi. Rather than travel the world looking for recipes, he let the recipes come to him, and opened his own restaraunt in Thunder Bay, the Coastal Clam.


Chef Erwin is a delight to be around. Always jolly and willing to laugh, he loves hearing and retelling the tales of all the sailors who visit Thunder Bay. Erwin is faithful and loving to his wife, and is always willing to lend a helping hand whenever Wind Reach is in need. During the winter season when Thunder Bay shuts down, the good chef spends his time helping out in the Communal Kitchens, and is a long time friend of Chef Davoid.