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Espada Downe

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Espada Downe
RaceEthaefal (Human)
Date of birth404 AV???
Weapon: Dagger20
Weapon: Crossbow20

This wizened old woman looks strange amidst the farmstead and rarely interacts with the rest of the family aside from birthdays, preferring to communicate by notes passed down to any family member she wishes to speak to at a time. This Ethaefal takes care to never be seen at night during the time her Ethaefal side comes to the fore. She prefers her cabin perched upon the lands bordering the southern hills. Espada is known to be Guy Downe's maternal grandmother and is cautious not to be seen by those outside the family unless it's from a rocking chair.

At times though, as one of the oldest living of the farm families, she may be called upon to settle their disputes as a mediator of sorts.