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Feathered Serpent's Egg

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The Feathered Serpent's Egg

This small chicken sized stone egg has stylized feathers etched across its surface. It maybe be found in a multitude of colors. If held in one’s hand, the egg can do a level 1 Healing Gnosis worth of detection and healing of injuries as if it itself is a Mark 1 Healer. Upon receipt of this item, one must do a 1d100 roll with Gossamer witnessing it. If one rolls a 90 or higher, this stone will eventually hatch into a Rakanivas which will be loyal to its owner and have the properties of Rak’keli’s own Rakanivas’.

Please note, if one rolls a 1d100 in Discord chat and the roll equals 90+ on the dice, the egg will hatch an actual Rakanivas. Also note, all these eggs are STOLEN from Rak'keli and if a PC is caught with one, Rak'keli's wrath will be monumental.


The Feathered Serpent's Egg
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