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The Featured Thread is a monthly award that is given by the players to the players. Way back when Featured Threads were started, the Founders Circle selected the first thread, and from there every player that was selected in that thread got together and made a decision on the next thread picked for the next month. Thus, the previous months winners always select the next months winner.

Those that select Featured Threads must write a summary of why they enjoyed the thread and pm their summary to an active Founder (preferably Gossamer). That means the Featured Thread pick must be turned into the Founders (pm, HD, etc) by no later than the 20th of the month for posting on the first. If one fails to do so, the Founders and RS's will revert back to picking a thread and the winners who 'forgot' will be ineligible to be selected again for another Feature Award. It is important to note that while one might like a thread that is made up of retired PCs, one dead ends the process by doing so. Featured Thread awards will be recinded if Featured Thread Winners refuse to pick winners for the next month.

Here is some guidelines.

  1. Please pick a thread that has not been selected before.
  2. Threads selected must have at least one active PC.
  3. There is no need for a thread to be completed to win.
  4. Please talk to your pick before you do your review and summary of the thread to make sure they understand they must pick the next months thread and write a summary of it and why they think it is worthy of being featured. Only agree to use their thread if they agree to carry on the tradition. If they will not, please pick another thread and make sure that winner(s) will.