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Frankie Lee Tieh

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Frankie Lee Tieh
Date of birth473 AV (aged 50)
Place of birthZeltiva

Frankie Lee Tieh was one of the best pupils the University of Zeltiva ever had. Her magical prowess and unhuman intelligence had earned her a fair share of adoration and scorn. Her quest to learn the lost arts of magic brought her into volunteering for research work in Sahova. She has one of the biggest laboratories in the Citadel, a private two-story lair where she does continuous research and practice on the art of Malediction.


Frankie Lee, physically, is nothing out of the ordinary. She is the kind of exhausted woman who appeared to be beautiful once, only life wasn't too kind. Her features resemble a gaunt Nuit, dark baggy eyes, thin frame, sluggish movements. She may look too humble to be considered mad, but her extensive research on Malediction and collated data on Voiding reveals the work of a sinister mind.


She is friendly and welcomes companionship. Tieh has the tendency to blabber about her projects, supplying tons of information that's useless to the people she talks to. She is usually straightforward, tactless to a fault. She figured there would be no gain to hide her thoughts, feelings, and opinions. The nuits would never understand, anyway.

Tieh has an uncontrolled addiction to drink blood, something she is not very proud of. Her work ethics is similar to that of the Nuits - she could be a slave driver at times.


Francheska Lee Tieh grew up with an uncle who worked as an assistant professor in the University of Zeltiva. He was mildly mad, but talented nonetheless. Her uncle usually brought his lectures and his pupils' term papers home, and Francheska helped herself into learning the History of Magic on her own. Her uncle spoiled her thirst for knowledge, passing down notes and lectures that were too advanced for an amateur. By the time Francheska got to the University, she was already competent in at least three magical disciplines.

She breezed through exams and tests easily, which was often reason for her to be placed in advanced lessons. A true scholar, she began her search for magical texts and researched on forbidden sorcery (for when you know everything they teach at school, you have to learn that which they don't). This desire pointed her towards the famous Citadel, known for its undead mages who have been around since the Valterrian.

Pulsers were not exactly welcome in Sahova, one reason is that they are limited by their mortality. Tieh, as she had been called by the nuits, endured the poor quality of life in Sahova in exchange for apprenticeship. She became a Legate without ever facing her mentor. To this day, Tieh has no idea who she works for. Her orders, which she follows faithfully, is given by a messenger golem. She constantly employs laboratory assistants who either disappear or die soon after.