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Franklin Le'Sant

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Franklin Le'Sant

Franklin “Books” Le’Sant
Date of birth467 AV (aged 56)
Place of birthRiverfall
TitleCaptain of The Tsunami’s Breath

Quite possibly the smartest man on the Suvan Sea, Captain Books prefers the edge of his mind over that of his sword. More often than not, he can be found in his cabin with any number of books and texts carefully cradled in his hook, leafing through the pages with his one good hand. He is incredibly studious by nature and will take any opportunity that he can to avoid violence. Especially well known is his preference for brokering deals with overtaken captains for spoils, rather than killing off their crew and taking all the riches in the opposing ship's hold by force. Rare is the day when the honorable captain draws blood upon capture.

Once considered the second finest pirate on the Suvan Sea, Le'Sant is believed to rank only under Captain Sweetsong in skill. With his prominence, it was inevitable that tensions in the Suvan Sea would eventually come to a boil. Stalking a ship from afar, the good captain was planning his attack when Captain Black swooped in and stole up his prize. The captain let the strike go, and it turned out that Black had done Books a favor as he suffered many losses from the disguised military ship that could have spelled an end for the noble captain. The trespass had been committed nonetheless, and the two captains fought to first blood for honor. Black took Books' hand in the dispute, and the two have never seen eye to eye since, with the darker of the two captains bitter that he in fact saved Books' life and Books angry that the Akalak had trespassed on his claim.

Now the good captain tends to stay to himself, but is never beyond picking up a new member for his crew if he finds the recruit to be in line with his mindset. If a person wished to find the life of a pirate without the bloodshed that is normally associated with it, and at the cost of profit, Captain Books is likely someone they should seek out.

The Tsunami’s Breath

  • Cromster Class (90 T. Cargo, 3 Light Mounts)

A smaller version of the Galleon, the Cromster is known for its speed; it is as fast as a Sloop, although not nearly as maneuverable, but it carries more firepower. These ships are normally found in service of wealthier merchants. Supports 3 light mounts. Crew: 50, Passengers: 10

  • 2x Ballista (Light Mount)

A huge, heavy crossbow weighing around 400lbs. Mainly useful in damaging sails or enemy crew. When a bolt is lit on fire however, greater damage is possible.

  • 1x Light Bombard (Light Mount)

An iron tube mounted on a ship, it is a relatively short and light piece designed to fire a round stone shot with small charges of powder. Capable of doing quite a bit of damage to a target. Requires 4 people to operate and weighs 500lbs.