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The Old Seadog
Date of birth450 AV (aged 73)
Place of birthWind Reach

Gero is the elderly owner and only employee at The Seaside Tavern. Having built it himself as a young man, Gero put his heart and soul into the place and could never stand to let anyone else take over for him despite his going on in years. Unmarried and without any children (that he knows of) the future of the Tavern is uncertain, but thanks to his unmatched hospitality, there will never be a shortage of customers.


As a young, passionate Inartan teenager finally free from the restratings of being a Yasi, Gero had set off to see the world outside of Wind Reach. He took up on a boat headed to Avanthal in the summer of 460, but never made it to the cold city of Ice. Shipwrecked off the coast in some then-uncharted part of The Unforgiving, Gero and his companions had to bushwhack their way to civilization. Wandering around the dangerous forest for a season and a half, Gero and his companions managed to find their way back to Wind Reach just before Winter struck. Had they not, they most surely would have died.

Terrified of leaving again, Gero instead decided to cement himself in the community, and so The Seaside Tavern was born. Built with his own hands, Gero was inspired to create a place for works and visitors alike to relax and enjoy when visiting Thunder Bay. From opening day until the present, the old Inartan has done everything by hand, hardly ever asking for help and firmly planting himself in the hearts of all his customers.


Gero is stubborn to a fault. It is his way or no way and he won't take no for an answer. The high strung, strong headed man that he was in his youth has not faded in the slightest as the years crept by, case and point being that he refuses to retire and enjoy the remaining parts of him that don't ache in comfy luxury back in Wind Reach, as there is no doubt that he has earned it. Gero is not afraid to break up a barfight or tell someone that they have to leave. Even though he can no longer back up his threats, he has garnered enough respect that any of his younger customers would gladly do so for him.