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The Glutton
TitleEndless Hunger
Divine rank4
SymbolsDessicated Stomach
CultsThe Bloats

Glorg is the Alvina of Gluttony, his father is Rhysol, God of Corruption.

Born to Rhysol, God of Chaos and Corruption and a mortal woman of no renown, Glorg was the inevitable result of the tragic union. His mother, her identity lost in time, was a woman living in a small pre-Valterrian town also lost in time. Though a commoner with no real prestige, power or influence, she was known for being kind and generous to those around her. She often went out of her way to make people feel welcome and comfortable whenever possible. It was this genuine kindness that attracted Rhysol. The Defiler saw an opportunity to twist and corrupt the woman; to tear her down and destroy her. Taking the mortal form of a lost traveler, Rhysol wandered into town one day acting lost, hungry and alone. Of course he quickly met the young woman who offered to take him in, feed and cloth him and give him safety and security. This was the beginning of the end for her.

Rhysol slowly worked his devilish charm upon the woman and eventually she fell for him. During their courtship, Rhysol attempted to sew the seeds of deception and betrayal though the woman stood strong against the subtlety of the dark one. Although she never suspected the man she'd come to love as being anything but a loving companion, she found that her life was growing harder every day. People she once called friends began to turn on her in small ways. Distrust began to spread among the townsfolk and the once friendly town became less than pleasant. As those around her became more like enemies than friends, the woman grew closer to the man who'd captured her heart.

Despite the animosity that grew among the townsfolk, the woman still held strong and showed great mercy and generosity. Her efforts actually seemed to keep the town from falling upon itself. This intrigued and infuriated Rhysol. Such generosity on the part of a mortal was left a foul taste in his mouth and led him to decide on more drastic measures to break the woman. He gifted her with a son. When the child was born it was given a name as lost now as the identify of his mother. The child seemed in all ways to be normal. Following the child's birth, Rhysol ceased his efforts to turn the town against the woman and instead refocused his efforts on the boy. Already baring the blood of corruption in his veins, the boy quickly took to Rhysol's ministering and as he grew, he became ever opposite his mother. Where is mother was kind and generous, her son was cruel and gluttonous. As he became older, the boy's gluttony also grew. When the boy entered his teenage years, Rhysol abandoned both mother and son. With his father gone, the boy got worse with his mother unable to contain him. The town started to turn on mother and son with a vengeance when the boy's gluttony had grown too great. He was wasteful beyond measure, seemingly driven by an uncontrollable hunger for nearly everything. Although at first this was seen as just an odd quirk of the boy. This quirk turned into a the boy stealing and hoarding food from the townsfolk, eating as much as he could while wasting even more. His mother, her kindness and generosity seemingly infinite, began to falter.

As her son continued his downfall, the woman, already devastated by the man she loved having left her alone with the child, found the town quickly turning against her. They accused her son of stealing food and threatened to banish them both from the town. Meanwhile, the boy's gluttony had caused him to gain massive amounts of weight and his unwashed girth had forced his mother further and further from him. Quickly descending into her own sea of self-loathing, grief and exhaustion, the boy's mother could take no more. She, like his father, left the boy alone. She left the town and wandered off into history.

With his mother and father now both gone and the boy now too big to move on his own, his growing hunger was out of control. When the hunger pain had grown unbearable, the boy's belly split open. Pulling itself out of the bloody, bloated mass of flesh was, Glorg, son to Rhysol and Alvina of Gluttony. Glorg proceeded to not only eat every bit of food in the town but all of the town's livestock followed soon by any townsfolk who hadn't already fled.


Appearance and Personality

Glorg is not a creature that one would confuse as being attractive. Standing nearly 8 feet tall and massively obese, Glorg has an unhealthy greenish tint to his otherwise unwashed, sore covered flesh. His eyes are devoid of color; pools of milky white that seem forever empty yet yearning to be filled. He is bald with a small bulbous nose and an overly wide mouth full of sharp teeth. More than happy to display his horrific girth, Glorg dresses only in long black skirt slitted up the sides to allow his tree-trunk sized legs some range of movement. Wherever Glorg walks, the potent smell of body odor fills the air. Glorg is always in search of something to eat. He will eat anything; stripping the land around him of anything and everything both edible and inedible. When there is nothing left to eat, he moves on. Although extraordinarily heavy, Glorg is surprisingly agile; capable of chasing down slow moving creatures with ease. A blow from his massive fist is more than enough to take down most.

Glorg is also able to open his already huge mouth to unnatural proportions thus enabling him to swallow entire people whole. His massive tongue wraps itself around them, preventing escape while he swallows and slowly digests them.

When an encounter with Glorg is one where the person isn't swallowed whole, he is described as being a boisterous, foul-mouthed, braggart with a deep, gutteral voice and an obnoxious laugh. He treats everyone he meets as his lesser and even goes so far as to see himself as being attractive and charming. He is never found without eating or drinking something. Conversations with Glorg are often punctuated by him scratching, rubbing or otherwise fidgeting with the various folds in his flesh. He has even been known to pick pieces of rotted food from his fat folds which he then sniffs before tossing in his impossibly large mouth.

The Bloats

Often aiding him in his gluttonous behavior are the Bloats. Bloats are the half-living remains of men and woman who have been swallowed whole by Glorg only to later be regurgitated. The bloats appear humanoid often dressed in tattered robes that barely hide their half-digested bodies. Their flesh sports burns from stomach acid and in some places are melted away revealing burned muscle and sometimes bone. Although the sometimes look and smell undead, the bloats are alive. Driven by a never-ending hunger gifted to them by Glorg, they aid him in his unending hunt for things to eat although they never gain weight and never find satisfaction. The Bloats are completely subservient to Glorg and have been known to lead small cultist groups dedicated to the grotesque Alvina. These cults engage in wasteful, gluttonous parties all in the name of Glorg.


To those who choose to follow him, Glorg bestows upon them a dessicated stomach, dried and shrunk with a piece of leather tied to it so as to allow it to be worn around the neck. This holy symbol allows the worshiper to eat and gain sustenance from inedible items such as stones, dirt and tree bark, among other things. Worshipers will never know starvation while wearing this symbol.

Glorg's worshipers seldom make their faith known openly although their living habits tend to give them away. Most are mentally unstable individuals who engage in an unhealthy level of consumption often as a means to compensate for inadequacy or loss This consumption grows to the point that it takes over their very lives. It is when they pray for an escape or even when they pray for more to consume that Glorg hears and sometimes answers. When he chooses to meet one of these sad individuals, he does so by emerging from a bubbling pool of the person's own vomit. If he is impressed with their terrible condition, he may grant them his symbol to help further the person's fall to gluttony.


Glorg is able to transport himself across vast distances by regurgitating a pool of filth and entering it. He may appear anywhere else where someone may have vomited. The exit location mess basically begins to bubble and churn, growing and spreading until Glorg emerges.

Glorg is most often found preying on the relatively young trade routes that run between some cities. With the aid of his bloats, Glorg will attack and attempt to capture anything and everything from a caravan. He may sometimes threaten the outskirts of a city yet he isn't foolish enough to openly attack within the confines of the city. He may however find a place within a city to hide out while his bloats steal and kidnap for him. The spoils the bloats bring back to him are enjoyed and devoured.


It may seem like a creature like Glorg would never find a way to reproduce. Unfortunately this is far from the truth. Glorg's hunger knows no bounds which often leads him to satisfying himself with women who are unfortunate enough to cross his path or that of one of his bloats. These forever scarred women are the only things that bring pause to Glorg's hunger; once he has done what he would with them; a very short but deep slumber follows. This allows victim's of Glorg's hunger a chance to escape. Though few are able to get past the bloats and some are eventually found upon Glorg's awakening, some do manage to find freedom. These sad, tortured souls never recover from their experience with many giving birth to Glorg's children. These children, Araka, son's and daughters to Glorg and grandchildren to Rhysol, are dark individuals to be sure. Glorg's children often display greedy personalities who often obsess over things to a level comparable to a physical hunger. Often these obsessions are for food but can also take the form of a need for possessions, sex, wealth anything that can be consumed in some form. Common physical traits include any of the following; superior strength, enhanced metabolism (hardly ever gain weight no matter how much they eat), exotic beauty or a grotesque physique and visage.


Glorg's relationship with his father, Rhysol, is somewhat distant. Glorg serves Rhysol's agenda by causing massive disruption to the natural order of things wherever he goes. Glorg's lack of subtlety and grotesque mannerisms however are enough even to repulse the God of Corruption. Because of that the two do not spend much time together. For Rhysol, Glorg was spawned simply to bring the downfall of a kind and just woman. After that, while having his uses, Glorg is still little more than a tool to his father. Glorg envies the power his father possesses but beyond that he has no love for Rhysol.

Glorg cares little for the divine in general. He relies on his being the son of Rhysol to provide him with protection from those gods and goddesses who may otherwise strike him down for his very existence and feels more than confident enough to handle any servants of the gods who may come to dispatch him.