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Gloves of the Spider Maiden

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Caught in this web


Background and History

A short time before the Valterrian, a young woman of some small renown in the Suvan Empire, her name lost in time, wanted desperately to enhance her status in life and be seen as important in the political sphere of influence. Unfortunately, no matter how hard she tried, she could never gain the trust of others, at least not enough to move her way up the political ladder. Frustration led to irritation led to anger. Eventually she enlisted the help of a wizard and paid him a respectable sum of coin to craft her something that would help.

The wizard, who had a particular fondness for spiders and incorporated them into his magical pursuits, created a pair of gloves made from spider-silk. He magecrafted the gloves with a hypnotic effect that, while not profound, would potentially leave a person more open to the wearer. Being a bit quirky himself, the wizard threw in a little added themed effect to the gloves and presented them to the woman. Pleased by the look and feel of the gloves as well as the possibilities they offered, the woman was excited with her purchase. She used them to improve her status however this did not last long as she died soon after during the Valterrian. After that, the gloves disappeared into history along with their owner.

Over the years, there have been rumors here and there of the existence of a pair of beautifully woven gloves that have been worn by a few different individuals. With the nature of rumors being what they are, they also say that they house the spirit of the Spider Maiden, a being of beauty and influence who inspires trust in all who encounter her. The Spider Maiden is said to lure men in close only to devour them; physically, emotionally and/or financially.

Appearance and Abilities

These silvery silk gloves are patterned after a spider’s web. When worn, they appear to glisten like a spider’s web after a soft drizzle of rain. When the wearer brushes their face with their fingers while speaking to someone, that person will experience a hypnotic suggestion of “Trust me.” This effect works as if it were cast by a Competent Hypnotist. It only enacts that particular suggestion and only works against a single target who is engaged in conversation with the wearer; once per encounter.

The gloves possess the relatively minor secondary ability of allowing the wearer to never have to worry about being touched by spiderwebs as long as they are worn. It is as if the wearer is surrounded by an invisible aura that simply pushes the webs away from them.

Last Known Location

The Gloves of the Spider Maiden were discovered by Madeira Craven, a Spiritist based in Lhavit, on the 5th of Summer 518 AV and have remained in her possession since.


Gloves of the Spider Maiden
heightA Skill Challenge WeekendGillar awards the challenge winners.
heightStrange TreasuresMadeira Craven acquires Gloves of the Spider Maiden.