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Golden Spider

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Golden Spider

Everything comes with a price.
Date of birth479 AV (aged 44)
Place of birthKalinor
TitleThe Golden Spider

Thought to be the major domo of the Shadow Scepter, the Golden Spider is a key figure in the underbelly of Ahnatep. He trades in both mizas and information in the service of his master.


All that is known of the Golden Spider's history came from his own mouth, so the reliability is questionable. He claims to have worked with the Aconite family for much of his youth and to have gained some wealth and a talent for numbers in the business of trade. His primary focus was delivering luxury goods (silks, opalgloams, tapestries, etc.) to Ahnatep.

The Shadow Scepter was impressed by him during trade negotiations and offered him a position, which the Golden Spider flatly and vehemently refused. For a reason he will not disclose, other than a "change of heart", he returned to Ahnatep and entered the Shadow Scepter's service.

Current Role

The Golden Spider is called such because he arranges the capital behind many less than lawful dealings or for those who cannot secure credit elsewhere. If someone desperately needs Mizas, they turn to someone with connections to the Golden Spider, usually a Scorpion. The Spider also brokers in information, but only if the Shadow Scepter allows, and for a price. His daily role is that of an accountant, and he is frequently unknown or overlooked by those who are not in places of especial importance. Those who know the title, usually assume it belongs to an Eypharian.

While the Nobles, Scepters and Inkara govern in the high places, the Golden Spider may meet you on the fall down or the stairs up.