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The Grader Medal

The Grader Program on Mizahar is designed to augment staff by allowing Player Characters with experience in Mizahar the ability to award grades to threads.

Qualifications For Becoming A Grader

  • PS Must Be 18 Years Of Age
  • PC Must Have 60 Days of Game Play On Mizahar
  • PC in Good Standing With No History Of Trouble With The Staff
  • PC Must Have No History Of Failed Staffing (Forced Retirement, Inactivity, Favoritism)
  • PC Must Be Known And Active In Their Gameplay

Grader Application

The Following Application must be submitted to the Help Desk. No recommendations are required at this time. However, once a PC applies to be a grader, they will be given a ten question T/F test that is unique for them alone. This test must be completed in the HD and they must score an 80/100 at least and then explain their wrong answers and the logic behind them if they miss any of the questions. Questions will be pulled from the Grading Guide directly. A Grader Application may take up to one week to process through the Help Desk so be patient.

IRL Name:


Name of all PC's You've Played Or Play:

Staff Positions You Hold Or Have Held:

Join Date On Mizahar:

Then write a brief paragraph as to why you want to acquire Grader Status.

Additional Notes

All grades are subject to review by an ST. The Staff has the right to revoke Grader Status at any time. There are certain rules Graders must follow in order to be effective. They can, for instance, only grade posted grade requests in known grade request threads in the order they are posted. These requests must be done in a timely fashion and once a placeholder for grading is placed (see guide for details on that) the grade must be posted that day. Graders who leave ungraded threads around with placeholders in them are going to be removed from grading status. Any hint of favoritism, not following the grading guide, not awarding grades correctly, etc and the Grader will be removed from the program. This can be done without a buddy system and cliche being catered too. But it will only work if the volunteer graders remain fair, impartial, and judge the threads to the best of their abilities.