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Guest Moderating Application

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Guest Storytelling occurs when another player character steps out of their player character role and briefly becomes a narrator for a story involving another player character. This is where player A would like a thread wherein she receives training in say swordsmanship. Player B, who has no swordsmanship skills themselves offers to 'guest storytell' for player A. They ask the permission of either the RS or DS by filling out Guest Moderator Plotnotes. Once they receive an okay on their plotnotes, Player B can then tell the story involved in the thread from an NPCs perspective (a swordsman from a local training facility in Syrlias for example). Guest Storytelling (GS) threads must be signed off by a formal moderator to receive experience points. A guest storyteller, once the plot has been approved by the forum's DS, has pretty much the same freedom as an AS. There's no limit on PCs or NPCs. Just be sure to send the DS a summary of the thread, with a synopsis, NPC list together with skills and abilities, and possible risks and rewards. The DS can turn down the plan or ask you to make changes. Once approved, the DS can post the plotnotes in the Guest Plotnotes thread for their city in the Plotnotes Forum, add the application to the GST's Storyteller's Secrets thread, and the thread can happen. It sounds complicated, but its a really simple procedure for a PC to guest storytell. There needs to be a link to the SS thread or listing who gave permission for the guest moderation in the first post of the thread.

Simply fill out the questionnaire below and post it to the Domain Storyteller.

Application & Plotnotes

Private Message these questions along with their complete answers to your local Regional or Domain Storyteller for approval. The Domain Storyteller will then either approve or ask for modifications to your plan before giving you the go-head to guest moderate for another player. Once you've filled out this application, you are in essence submitting a thorough plotnote post to the Regional or Domain storyteller. This plotnote will be then posted (once approved) in a special area in the storyteller's forum.

  1. Title of Thread
  2. Timestamp of Thread
  3. Players Involved in the Thread
  4. Name of the Guest Moderator
  5. Reason for Guest Moderating
  6. Please give a brief description of the plot of the thread. Please include any risks that can be taken. Please outline any NPCs (including skills and abilities) or special items (including properties) that might be involved.
  7. Please list all the potential rewards a player might earn through the course of the thread. What factors might hinder them from earning a reward?