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Guiermont Suldane

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Guiermont Suldane

Guiermont in a Kata
Date of birth448 AV (aged 75)
Place of birthSyliras
TitleTrainer and Resident
Unarmed Combat89
Blind Fighting44

Guiemont Suldane is a retired Unarmed Combat Instructor for the Syliras Knights


Guiermont stands just over 6 feet and has remained in excellent shape for a man of his age (185 lbs). This has helped prevent typical wrinkles that appear on the face of elders. He carries some wrinkles around his eyes but for the most part has a smooth facial skin appearance. He shaves his head because he feels that the hair inhibits him in some way. He has piercing grey eyes and a short grey haired goatee on his chin.


Guiermont was born and raised in Syliras. His father was a knight and most thought he would follow daddy's footsteps. But at the age of 8, Guiermont began his unarmed training and found a completely new direction in life. He loved the martial arts forms and the discipline is provided him. He began entering contests and soaking up knowledge from anyone who would share.

At the age of 18, Guiermont began circling the lands in search of furthering his knoweldge. Almost 20 years later, at the age of 37, Guiermont returned home from his worldy tour. He had set foot in every major city across the provinces and learned from the best. His martial form is a mixture of everything he has learned, but can distinguish between the various racial and city styles to train anyone.

His favorite of all the stops was Riverfall and the honorable Akalak men. They took unarmed combat to an entirely new level. Their belief in training was completely hands on. To learn a new move meant they had to feel it in full force and work it into their own routine. Daily combat was their methods. To make rank, they had to beat various opponents of the rank they desired to achieve. Though an extremely physical unarmed combat style, the Akalak fought with sincere respect and honor. Guiermont spent more time in Riverfall training than any other city and considers it his second home.

Because of the lifestyle of honor and respect, Guiermont took a position within the knights to train them in unarmed combat. He did this for another 20 years of his life and retired from all work at the age of 57. For the past four years, Guiermont has taken to the surrounding lands of Syliras enjoying the peace and serinity. He has taken up a few pupils in that time for short durations, but never more than 2 at the same time.


He has learned the lores of most races, cities, and unarmed combat styles.