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Lighthouse Caretaker
RaceKelvic (Snowy Owl)
Date of birth506 AV (aged 17)
Place of birthZeltiva
TitleLighthouse Caretaker
Wilderness Survival21
Gnosis marks


Haegran’s human form is that of a very tall and willowy woman. She has a serious face with high cheekbones and a pursed mouth. She has brown eyes and very long strawberry-blonde hair. From all of her time spent flying in her true owl form cords of lean muscle are visible when she cares to show her arms or legs and she is quite flexible. Haegran usually wraps her human form in lots of furs so her body usually seems bulkier then it truly is.


Haegran is even more serious than her bondmate yet manages to make Svarra laugh and smile whenever they are together. Haegran is also very quiet and prefers not to talk to people unless she must. People usually view her as very standoffish and distant. A few have come to know her as a very respectable and polite woman though only Svarra really knows her well. When she must talk to people Haegran is helpful but says no more then she must and politely excuses herself as soon as she thinks it is appropriate.


Haegran was born during Winter in Zeltiva under the name Poplar. Dissatisfied with the loud, scholarly city Poplar left Zeltiva for quieter and cooler places. Poplar traveled north a full year before reaching Avanthal, taking rest stops in Syliras and the Spires. The owl enjoyed the quiet of the Northern Wastes and determined to settle in Avanthal. In late summer of 509 AV, Poplar met a young Vantha woman who shared her desire to live quietly. The woman was Svarra, and the two quickly became friends. By the time fall came around Poplar had bonded to Svarra, taken the name Haegran, and moved into the lighthouse.

Haegran and Svarra decided to split the day into two shifts, with Svarra taking the day shift and Haegran the night. Being that one is usually sleeping while the other is on watch they only get to spend the dawn and dusk hours together unless an emergency occurs. Though she was not particularly religious, benevolent Morwen bestowed her mark upon the young Kelvic to make her nightly watch easier. A small roost was installed near the top of the lighthouse for Haegran to reside comfortably outdoors when she chose. The owl spends most of her nights in the roost watching the tide come in, though occasionally she can be seen diving for the rare fish that surfaces in the port. With her keen eyesight, Haegran is often sent out to search for missing ships or sailors thrown overboard by rough waters.