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Haev Provedan

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Image:Scroll2.png "Cold like the void, that one."
- Nystir, upon watching Haev leave the Kulkukan.
Haev Provedan
Date of birth473 AV (aged 50)
Place of birthRavok
TitleProfessional Slaver

Haev Provedan is the primary slaver for Riverfall. While the Akalak take Nakivak and Kelvics via raids, a significant percentage of their supply arrives via shipment from Ravok. It is Haev who has been contracted by the council to handle these slaves. From ordering, to receiving, to keeping, Haev takes care of those from Ravok. The council tends to keep their nose out of his business, preferring to keep anything that openly deals with slaves out of the public eye. Often times it is possible to find Haev and his men around the expended mine about forty minutes ride from Riverfall, where they do all their business.


Not overly large or imposing, Haev Provedan is fairly standard as far as humans go. His face is angular, and no hair adorns his head. Standing at approximately 1.7 meters and weighing about 79 kilograms, none would be overly intimidated by his stature. His muscles, while existant, speak of survival rather than training; Haev has spent many years doing labor, but is not a warrior. A smile is never seen on Haev's face, yet neither would one ever see a frown. His blue eyes are icy and dull, and any entity searching for a spark of life within their depths would be doomed to failure. By his stare and near catatonic demeanor, one might assume he was mentally handicapped. However his education and intelligence are clearly betrayed when he speaks.


Haev is a sociopath. Concepts such as pity, compassion, and respect are completely lost to his mind now. He operates solely off of a combination of logic and his own personal code. In his mind, if you are not able to seize power then neither can you wield it. As such, those who he purchases or captures have no rights to him. Rarely does he become angry with others, but when the years of suppressed emotions well up it is a fearsome sight indeed. Never does he quaver when ending a life, but neither does he end the life of somebody that has not first been subjugated. Things many others consider immoral are not judged as such by Haev (e.g. It is the other person's responsibility to wield the competence to unravel a lie told by Haev, not his to be truthful). Never expect anything but warped pragmatism from Haev. Where other slavers become impatient, stupid, or greedy, he has been saved by his calculating frigidity.


Many years ago, Haev Provedan did the stupidest thing a slaver could do, he became attached to a slave. He was not the cold, imperialistic sociopath he is today, but rather a disillusioned and belligerent man fed up with life in Ravok. Determined to escape the city while not abandoning his family, he became a slaver. He made his living by striking out into the wilderness to capture nubile young women and strong men to return to Ravok's slave pens.

However, then he met Olivia. Unlike more experienced slavers, Haev often allowed his slaves to speak. So when a pretty young woman who had apparently been an apprentice magician in Zeltiva began speaking with him, he made no reprimand. In fact, Haev even engaged her in conversation over the next few fortnights back to Ravok. The slaver became infatuated with the girl, who was witty, charming, and beautiful. When Olivia offered to instruct Haev in her magical discipline, presumably without a catch, he jumped at the opportunity.

In solitude, as per Olivia's instructions, the pair sat and meditated. Again, following the instructions of his infatuation's subject, he closed his eyes and imagined nothingness. This stretched for hours, the two alone, soon to share each other's talents. Then Olivia opened a void. It did not pull him into its emptiness, but instead it expelled force to suppress him. Its icy air buffeted Haev as his love ran, ran through the trees and underbrush to become lost once more. Abandoned and without forces, there was little the slaver could do but scramble away from the void as Olivia fled.

He continued to learn to void, vowing to extinguish the life of Olivia with the very thing she had used to escape him. The following years saw Haev burning with his obsession, slowly incinerating his compassion until his entire emotional spectrum had inverted itself. One word that Haev never understood, before or after Olivia, was forgiveness.

In recent times, Haev Provedan has secured a covert contract with Riverfall. His task is to import slaves from Ravok, and keep it from the public eye.