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Image:Scroll2.png "If chaos is a necessary step in the organization of one's universe, then I was well on my way."
- Harael, Supervisor of the Caldera of the Rainbow Shells
Date of birth466 AV (aged 57)
Place of birthCharbosi
TitleSupervisor of the Caldera
Coral Manipulation65

Harael is the founding father of Alvadas' underwater getaway known as The Caldera of the Rainbow Shells. Formerly one of the most promising Coral Builders in Charbosi, Harael found sanctuary in Alvadas. He is often hard to hold a conversation with, but will always delve into a story of home. He can almost always be found tending to younger buildings, just beginning to grow.


Disheveled is often Harael's look of choice. He can often be found garbed in skintight clothing that is often torn, worn, and dirty. He rarely takes the time to clean himself of the algae and scum that build's up on an underwater creature's skin. Normally this would be remedied by small and hungry fish, but he does not like to have his work interrupted by anyone or anything. Unless he is talking about a new project to build, or a story of his past, all conversation will annoy him, and he will gladly show it. When his voice isn't annoyed, it will seem a bit like an excited child's.


Harael cares not what others think of him or his appearance. He is often gruff, and terse, unless it is on the topic of building or the stories of Charbosi. He seems to epitomize the 'Don't bother me unless it is important' attitude. He never speaks in riddles, and will always say exactly what he means, a trait many find refreshing. He has no good side or bad side that you can get on. He treats everyone exactly the same.

He finds peace in his work, watching the coral grow, a poor replacement for the children he never had. The natives have learned to not interrupt him while he is watching over his coral. If you do, you will experience one of the rarest events in Mizahar. You will be accosted by an angry Charoda, and his berating will go on for several chimes. Once he's done, he goes back about his business, and his opinion of you remains neutral.

The only time one might find him cheerful is during a discussion of his craft. He loves to talk theory and design with anyone, whether they are qualified to understand or not. Many just endure this, but there are a few that will learn a few things about structure and design. If you are a Charoda, he will gladly teach you the art unique to their race, Coral Manipulation.


Harael wasn't always a citizen of Alvadas. For a few decades, he lived in Charbosi as the next big up and comer in the growth and use of coral for building. His designs were the perfect blend of art and usefulness. He was the next best thing since sliced kelp. But then his wife fell ill to the Growth, an aggressive fungal infection.

She died shortly thereafter, and Harael took a major turn for the worse. His designs began to appear chaotic and dark, an extension of his psyche. He quickly fell from grace and left Charbosi. He wandered the world in a daze, never fully having a grasp on reality. Everything appeared dark, twisted, and chaotic. Then he came across Alvadas. The city of illusions welcomed him, and his world began to appear normal once more. The city's many illusions and tricky gestures overpowered the darkness within. He embraced this new found freedom, and thanked the city by bringing his trade back in full force. He quickly began work in a nearby caldera, building a neighborhood for all sea dwellers. And thus, the Caldera of the Rainbow Shells was born.