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Heartstriker Medallion

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The Heartstriker Medallion

The Heartstriker Medallion

This large bronze medallion hangs on an equally bronze chain. It is decorated by magical runes on one side and a small mirror on the other. The medallion, 3x1.5 inches, can be used once per day. When one uses the medallion, they need only hold it in their hands and aim it to reflect the target in its small mirror. Once the target is reflected in the mirror, they need only whisper or think the phrase “Let me know thy heart.” And the reflection in the medallion (regardless of orientation at this point) will show what the target reflected in the mirror when the phrase was thought or whispered loves the most in that moment. This might be a person, place, or thing… sometimes even a concept. “Loves” may change moment by moment, so this item isn’t guaranteed to reflect someone’s lover or pet or even favorite food. It might simply just reflect a cooling breeze on an extremely hot day.


The Heartstriker Medallion
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