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Date of birth157 AV (aged 366)
Place of birthThe Spires

Hethe is a middle aged Jamoura, at 354 years old. He was apprenticed to a Jamoura who died about a century earlier from flu like illness. Under his tutelage, Hethe learned the basics of herbalism and medicine. When his master died, Hethe realized the need for a proper medical facility. And in the year 261 AV, work on Nature's Nurture began. Many Jamoura assisted in the construction of the facility, one of the largest buildings in the town.

Hethe then began delving deep into the arts of herbs and medicine. He started off as the only member of the center. As his skills progressed, his treatments improving, more Jamoura began to start seeking the teachings of Hethe. He taught many Jamoura how to work with herbs and how to heal basics from minor scratches to breaks. Much of his time now is devoted to teaching, however his abilities in herbalism often require him to become involved in more severe patients. He is not picky in who he teaches, but they must have a deep level of patience. It is not uncommon of him to have a student read his entire library of books and scrolls before considering them for the position. He is often found writing new books or out in the wilderness collecting herbs

Additional Information

Hethe is employed at Nature's Nurture