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Highshoal Pod

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The Highshoals specialize in herding Keai.

The Highshoals are a relatively small pod of animal oriented herders. Though they specialize in herding Keai, it is not uncommon to see a couple of pods of dolphins or whales flocking to this pod, drawn in by their playful, caring aura. They are seasonal migrants from one coast to another which keeps their lives interesting as they frequently encounter traders and other Svefra pods. Their greatest celebration takes place mid-summer as their females collectively give birth to a wealth of calves.

The current Lia of this pod is Sirenia Highshoal, direct descendant of Tallye herself. She has an eye for the care of animals, able to pick out a sick animal, before it even begins to deteriorate, and nurse it back to health within days. She lives upon a humble casinor to which she has attached a pair of of balances so that when an animal is placed upon the stretched net on the other side of her boat, it is not capsized. But this does not make her weak. Sirenia is a very tough negotiator, and her usually peaceful pod will exact vengeance upon any who disrespect the realm of Laviku within their sight whether it be dumping unknown toxins or hunting down animals and taking only parts, instead of the whole.


Pod Overview

A rather small, specialized pod, the Highshoals have devoted their lives to raising Keai in the lush shallows.This pod is very work oriented, but celebrates twice season when their trading ships return from the Flotilla.

One of the less known pods, the Highshoals tend to remain greatly isolated and detached from the affairs of the main trading parties, tending instead to devote their time to tending herds of Keai. Currently, the Highshoals graze just under 50 cows, moving them slowly in a cycle through the season. Three ships are in charge of maintaining the herd's boundary - while near a coast -with thick, weighted nets so that any unwanted males are unable to enter the herd and impregnate the females. When traveling, it is up to all of the entire pod to keep the Keai together - though little would separate an established herd save for shark attacks. Over the years, they have gotten so selective with their breeding that Highshoal Keai are a slight bit heavier than their fellows, and ever so slightly more docile.

Brief History

This pod was founded by Tallye Highshoal, her two siblings, and their partners in 429 AV. Over time, more Svefra joined this pod seeking a more peaceful life, causing it to grow to its current size. The pod has never been forced rebuild their herd completely from scratch due to their fervent prayers to Laviku and his favor.

Traditions and Beliefs

This pod tends to be made up of Svefra who feel more comfortable with their pod and their Tavan than outsiders - even other Svefra. Highshoals tend to be skilled in Animal Husbandry and Herbalism as they are always looking to create natural supplements that nurse bigger, stronger Keai. Highshoals are utterly devoted to Laviku and Caiyha, welcoming any priest or priestess of the god and goddess with open arms. This pod strives to keep their herds safe, happy, and growing and will rarely let anything get in their way.

Midsummer Festival

While passing through the kelp forest, the pod will stop and within a period of 10 days, a majority of the females will give birth. During this time, the Highshoals will have a time of constant feasting, music, singing and dancing. The rhythms of singing and dancing on decks is said to soothe the mothers. After the majority of the females give birth, the Highshoals will have a night of true, unbridled party. The next morning, they will continue sailing towards Cyphrus and any mothers that did not give birth while in the kelp forest will be forced to do so in open water. An affair that often causes the pod to grind to a halt to watch over the mother while she is vulnerable.

Usual Location

The Highshoals can be found on the coast of Falyndar during the Spring, cross the Southern Suvan during the last weeks of Summer, spend fall on the coast of Cyphrus, then return during the last weeks of Winter.